Full-Color Printing by Packaging Bee for Kraft Boxes

Kraft Cardboard Boxes – Importance

When it comes to organizing a wide variety of goods, nothing beats the original brown kraft boxes. These stylish kraft boxes are, without a doubt, the ideal choice for the packaging of your product. Brown kraft boxes have been known for their great durability and therefore are great economical choices.

This is simply because the raw materials required to create these boxes are affordable and easily obtainable on today’s market. Therefore, in case you need any additional packaging, you don’t have to look far to find a supplier for it.

In case you want to have custom kraft boxes made, you need to place your order in as little a time as possible. You can either choose a kraft box manufacturer in your locality or get it shipped from a kraft boxes wholesaler.

The downside to these two options is that it takes time to finalize the deal, which results in your order taking a bit more than it should. So, what do you do in such a situation?

Answer That is Custom Kraft Boxes

The answer lies in getting your kraft boxes printed with heavy-weight products. Today, there are so many manufacturers who specialize in this kind of printing. Some of them offer services like custom label printing, heavy printing on kraft boxes, heavy metal music boxes and etc. The kind of printing and services that they provide can be availed at a nominal charge.

If you don’t want to use heavy colors on kraft boxes, you can choose simple colors for the printing. But if you do want to go for some really heavy colors, then you’ll have to place your minimum order. You can order kraft boxes wholesale in different sizes-small, medium, large, etc., but you can’t order them in any other sizes. The minimum order that you’ll need to place is related to the weight of the kraft boxes that you’re ordering.

To create the product inside the kraft boxes, you can either use some heat transfer paper or try and make it yourself. Heat transfer paper is available in different shades of brown. You can use the brown paper to write the product description on and try to cut out the design from the brown paper.

To make sure that the design you cut out is exactly the same as your product inside the kraft box, you’ll have to use the edge of the kraft box with the same shade of brown. Once you’re happy with the shade, you can print the design out on paper. Keep in mind to take care of the edges – don’t cut them with too much pressure, or you’ll spoil the look of the finished product.

Options on Kraft Boxes Wholesale

There’s another option available in printing kraft boxes. You can use some colors of kraft paper to print your company’s logo and some of your contact information. You can also use these colors to write your web address and other important information. If the boxes you’re using have some bright colors on them, such as red, orange, and yellow, you can highlight the areas that will be printed with these bright colors.

The best way to complete the product is to print kraft boxes with a single color, preferably white ink printing on both sides and the top. You can find some websites that will allow you to customize your kraft boxes with either a single or double side.

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Kraft Packaging Boxes By Packaging Bee

Packaging Bee will provide you with the white ink printing that you need. You’ll have to decide if the white ink printing is enough to give you the effect that you want.

It takes a lot of skill and experience to create kraft boxes by hand, so you’ll probably want to hire someone to do this printing for you. However, it isn’t very expensive. Packaging Bee that will do the work for you will usually have experience in the art of full-color printing. A professional printer like us will be able to provide you with kraft boxes that are beautiful, unique, and will hold up for years.