From Zero to Hero: BrandLoom Multiplies eCommerce Business Turnover by 5X with High-Converting Websites!

A company’s online presence is crucial to its success in this timeline. The market is more competitive than ever, and brands who keep flushing cash down to outshine their competitors on the conventional channels almost NEVER make it out alive.

The CLEVER ones, though, don’t just survive but THRIVE with smart digital marketing strategies.

A bootstrapped direct-to-consumer (D2C) whey protein firm based in Mumbai discovered this firsthand.

The owners were on the verge of quitting since they were not getting any sales or customers despite extensive paid advertising.

Then, they took a chance and sought advice from Team BrandLoom’s professionals. The founders, who were short on funds, issued a challenge to BrandLoom: assist them in turning their company around. And that is precisely what happened.

BrandLoom started by creating a high-converting website. This bootstrapped direct-to-consumer business had a stunning turnaround – seeing sales increase beyond their wildest expectations and  BOOMING website traffic.

But how did they manage it? What were the formulas behind their recent success? Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you.

Maximizing Results on a Limited Budget

The brand’s problems started with its website, which provided an uninviting user experience. It had practically no traffic, no useful product information, and zero visibility.

In short, EVERYTHING was wrong.

In addition, the brand’s paid marketing efforts did not provide the intended results.

So, we started with the most basic foundation of a brand’s digital identity- its website.

And it had a long list of problems.

  • It had practically no traffic.
  • There was no online visibility for the brand.
  • No sales were happening.
  • The content was barely there, and was optimized.
  • The sitemap was flawed.
  • Site was slow.
  • Its URLs needed to be optimized, too.
  • There are no product review options.
  • Un-interactive UI/UX.

To assist our client, we designed a website that balanced the brand’s authenticity and resonated with the modern audiences visiting it.

Then, we turned our attention to other matters.

How Did We Get 7.03% Conversion Rates & 10X Organic Traffic In Just 6 Months For A D2C Whey Protein Firm?

Here’s what our digital marketing services in Mumbai did for them:

  • Redesigned the homepage to create an attractive and interactive website
  • Incorporated essential elements for an online store, such as showcasing latest products and offering discounts
  • Revamped product and category pages for improved user experience
  • Enhanced the header and footer design
  • Implemented a user-friendly search function
  • Streamlined the menu for easy navigation
  • Added customer reviews to build trust
  • Introduced risk-reversal elements, including a clear returns and refunds policy
  • Optimized the checkout page with guest checkout options
  • Improved website performance for faster loading times

Our SEO tactics aimed to achieve 10X organic traffic within 6 months

  • Developed a comprehensive content strategy
  • Identified priority category and product pages for content creation
  • Researched and incorporated relevant keywords into the content
  • Updated the site with SEO-optimized, well-researched content 12 times a month
  • Crafted attractive and persuasive copies to guide users toward making a purchase
  • Published high-quality blogs to attract and retain visitors
  • Structured the content in an SEO-friendly manner for better visibility to search engines

What happened after 6 months

  • 44% share of sales through organic traffic
  • 7.03% eCommerce conversion rates.


The success of this D2C whey protein brand illustrates the wonders that smart digital marketing can do for you. With a seasoned digital marketing consulting business, the floundering firm got a new lease of life- without overtaxing its resources. The results speak for themselves.

Whether you want to reach some near-term revenue objectives, make yourself more visible, or grow your business- digital marketing is the best way to get it done. So, stop wondering and team up with a good digital marketing agency in Mumbai today.

Muhammad Qasim

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