[5 Easy Ways] How to Fix Discord Stream Lagging Issue

Discord is a great platform for connecting people all over the world. It enables the users to share videos, audios & text messages with their friends, developers and game communities while playing the games. 

This platform is specially developed for the streamers as well as the gamers so that they can share the activities with an audience via live streaming. 

But sometimes, the streamers might face Discord stream lagging issues. If you are also encountering the same issue then you need to read this helpful guide.

Here, I have discussed 5 proven ways on how to fix Discord stream lagging issue. Additionally, I will let you know the causes of this frustrating issue. So, let’s started…

Possible Reasons For Discord Lagging Issues

Well, there could be a number of reasons that can cause stream lagging problems in Discord. But, below I am going to mentioned some of the most common causes of it.

  • Due to Slow or weak internet connection
  • Running too many programs at the same time in your system’s background
  • You haven’t clear the cache files of the Discord app
  • Using an outdated Discord app
  • Discord server is running down  
  • The graphics driver needs an update
  • You haven’t optimized the power settings of your system

Among all the causes, find the one causing Discord lagging problem on your PC and fix it by implementing the below listed solutions.

How To Stop Discord Stream Lagging Issues

In this section, I am going to listed down the solutions to fix Discord lagging problem. So, you must try out the given methods.

Solution #1: Check the Discord server Status

Before trying any other troubleshooting fixes, firstly you need to check the Discord server. If the hosting server is down or under maintenance then you can’t do anything rather than waiting. Because, such kind of issue are solved itself.

Solution #2: Restart your Computer

As I always suggest, whenever you come cross through any kind of app or system glitches, you should restart your system once. Restarting the PC will close will all the background running app and give your system a fresh reboot.

Besides that, it has enough capability to fix various kinds of minor issues and bugs. Thus, there is no harm to try this method.

Solution #3: End the Unnecessary programs

If you are running too many so many unnecessary apps or programs in your system’s background, this can cause the Discord lagging issue.

To fix Discord stream lagging problem, you need to close all the unnecessary apps that you are not using currently. 

Follow the below given instructions to close the background running apps: 

  • First of all, you’ll need to press the Shift + Ctrl + Esc keys together to open the Task Manager
  • After that, make a right-click on the programs that you are not using currently & click on the End task option to close the app. 
  • After closing all the unwanted apps that are running along with the Discord, you need check whether Discord lagging problem I solved or not.

Solution #4: Delete the Cache of the Discord app

While using the apps, a lot of temporary files get accumulated on your PC. These files help the apps to perform optimally. 

However, if these cache file gets corrupted due to some reason, they can cause several issues including Discord lagging issue. 

In such a situation, clearing the cache file and cookies of an app can help you to fix this lagging issue. 

Check out the below steps to know how to clear the Discord app cache:

  • Firstly, you need to press the Windows + R keys together in order to open a Run dialog box.
  • Then, type %APPDATA%/Discord/Cache & hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Again, press Ctrl key + keys together to select all the files.
  • Now, press Del key of your keyboard in order to delete all the selected items.

Re-launch the Discord app to check if this method works to fix this issue. If the problem still persists then simply move to the next method.

Solution #5: Disable/Enable the hardware acceleration

Whenever you run the apps or programs, it uses a standard CPU in your PC. However, if you are carrying out any heavy task like streaming the games from Discord or sharing your screen, the particular application will use the other hardware components too on your system to perform the task more effectively.

If you’ve a good hardware, then enabling the Hardware Acceleration will help the app to perform well. However, in case your hardware is not good or weak, this feature might cause several problems for you.

To see whether the hardware acceleration is causing this problem or not, you can turn off & on the hardware acceleration feature.

Here’s how to disable/enable the hardware acceleration feature:

  • Open the Discord app & click on the Settings icon.
  • Again, click on Advanced option, if the Hardware Acceleration feature is turned on then turn it off or do vice versa.
  • Now, re-open your Discord app to check if the problem is solved.

Bottom Line

This brings us to the end of this post…..! In this article, I have gathered 5 easy and effective fixes of Discord stream lagging issue. So, if you are dealing with this problem then keep trying out the given solutions one by one. One of them will surely work for you.

That’s it!