Can I Check My Blood Pressure by Using My Phone?

Can I Check My Blood Pressure by Using My PhoneCan I Check My Blood Pressure by Using My Phone?

It is always better to stay updated about your normal heart conditions because blood circulation in the body is essential to maintain your blood pressure. It doesn’t matter if you have high or low blood pressure, but you should not forget to check it daily to save yourself from various health issues.

The doctor may also advise you to daily monitor your blood pressure as it will help you to prevent heart and health issues.

Sometimes you cannot check your BP outside your home, so what should you do in this scenario? You may ask yourself, “Can I check my blood pressure by using my phone”? Yes, it is possible to check your Blood Pressure Norms through your phone by installing a useful blood pressure monitor app on it. You will find a list of blood pressure monitor apps that measure blood pressure on your mobile phone and track all of your health insights. Let’s get into the topic without any further delay.

Features of Blood Pressure Monitor Apps

The following table contains all the features of blood pressure monitor apps that will not disappoint you wherever you check your blood pressure.


Tracking of blood pressure

Records the history of blood pressure

Weight Measurement

Information sharing with the healthcare provider


Measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure

Tracks medication intake

Measurement of pulse rate

Blood Pressure Monitor Apps

Blood pressure monitor apps become useful when checking your blood pressure on the phone, especially outside your home. So below is the list of all the blood pressure monitor apps you are worth using on phones.


martBP Is referred to as a blood pressure tracker and log. It is also a blood pressure charting tool that helps track your pulse reading and blood pressure. Apple HealthKit is also integrated with this application for the further convenience of the users. This app is reliable as it plays an active role in maintaining your health.The key features of SmartBP include monitoring your blood pressure, easily exporting detailed data, and monitoring your diastolic and systolic heart rates and measuring weight.

Compatibility: iOS

Blood Pressure Tracker

Blood pressure tracker is a reliable app that helps you measure blood pressure and easily record all the data. It has quite valuable features that do not let you be disappointed. Instead, they give you a pleasant experience. It tracks your systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as your weight.The only concern about this application is that you need to buy its paid version to update it and get more reliable features. One best thing about this app are its visuals, as you can see the results in the form of pie charts and line graphs.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Qardio Heart Health

Qardio heart health is a reliable blood pressure monitoring app that you can install on your iPhone to be updated about your high or low blood pressure. The automatic syncing and analytics can be done if the blood pressure cuff for iPhone is paired with this app. Stress levels can affect blood pressure measurements, so you must feel relaxed while taking blood pressure readings.It measures accurate blood pressure, and data is quite easy to understand, comprising clinical precision. You can set reminders to check your BP and share data with your healthcare provider.

Compatibility: iOSBP

WatchBP Watch is useful in measuring your blood pressure and levelling your blood pressure norms. You can use this app on your phone to measure blood pressure levels. Suppose you habitually forget about checking your blood pressure. In that case, this application helps you a lot as you can set reminders that notify you to check your blood pressure regularly and on time. Similar to the blood pressure tracker, you can find all the data in visual representations.

Compatibility: Android

Withings Health MateWithings

Health Mate is one of your iPhone’s best blood pressure monitor apps. It needs connectivity with a high-performance and high-quality blood pressure cuff that syncs over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and represents everything on your iPad or iPhone. You can easily share your blood pressure history with your healthcare provider using withings health mate.The top-quality features of this app make it a top-quality blood pressure app that can be connected to your iPhone, comprising in-app purchase options. It is compatible with various health-monitoring devices and can track your daily activities. Overall, withings health mate is a worthy app for blood pressure monitoring.

Compatibility: iOS

Blood Pressure Companion

Blood Pressure Companion is best compatible with your iPhone and allows you to check your blood pressure anywhere using your mobile phone. You can consider it the best companion for medical and blood pressure measurements. One thing you can find quite valued about it is that it notifies you about the issues related to your health that need urgent treatment.The key features of this app include the tracking of blood pressure, weight, systolic and diastolic heart rate, and sharing of data.

Compatibility: iOS

How to Check Blood Pressure By Using A Phone

The provided list of the app makes you able to check your blood pressure on your phone. However, selecting the best blood pressure monitor app that can easily support your phone is not easy. Here are a few things that are significant to consider when it comes to the selection of a BP monitor app.

Accurate blood pressure measurementEasy export of data

Compatibility with health tracking devices

Ability to measure weight

Capable of tracking daily activities

Monitoring pulse rate

Syncing of data easily


is crucial to keep track of your health, but the most important thing is to monitor your blood pressure if you have a blood pressure problem. It might be difficult to go to the doctor or your health care provider daily, so installing a blood pressure monitoring app on your phone can be helpful to monitor your BP norms. All the enlisted apps are the best alternative to traditional blood pressure monitors and used to track your blood pressure automatically. Few apps are compatible with android, while others are compatible with iOS.

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