Five Reasons to Consider HanStone Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Whether you’re renovating an investment property, updating your own home, or designing a kitchen for someone else, you know that choosing the right kitchen countertop is one of the biggest and most important decisions on your plate. And one of the most popular choices is a material known as quartz. It’s popular for a few good reasons. It looks and feels just like natural stone, such as granite, but it is manmade, meaning that the patterns and colors have been designed to look stunning in an interior setting. However, because this is a manufactured product, it’s especially important to consider the brand, and not all brands are made equal. This is where HanStone stands out against its competitors. Here are five key advantages of HanStone Quartz:

It’s Stronger than Most Other Brands

Quartz is made of a mixture of quartzite, a natural stone, and resin. Quartzite is naturally very beautiful and is closely related to marble. It can also make a wonderful countertop material because of its strength, but it tends to be porous and prone to staining. However, by mixing it with resin, you get a product that is both strong and nonporous. However, some manufacturers cut costs and use lower amounts of stone, such as 80%, and higher amounts of resin, 20%. This leads to a product that isn’t as durable and may chip and wear down over time. HanStone doesn’t cut corners and uses 93% quartzite and only 7% resin to give homeowners a more resilient countertop.

It Really Doesn’t Need to Be Sealed

One of the advantages of quartz over natural stones like granite or marble is that it doesn’t need to be sealed. It is nonporous just as it is, meaning it doesn’t allow staining agents or bacteria to seep inside, or at least that’s what most dealers advertise. However, again, not all manufacturers deliver the same quality of product, and many homeowners are advised to seal their quartz countertops every few years anyway to avoid stains. However, when you select a brand like HanStone, you get a product that is truly low maintenance and does not ever need to be sealed.

It Holds Up in High Traffic Areas

Unfortunately, it’s a common lament among homeowners who choose quartz countertops for their resiliency only to find that within a couple of years, their countertops have cracks, chips, and stains in high traffic areas, like around the sink and cooktop. This is almost always because they have chosen a low-quality brand. HanStone delivers on the promise that their countertops can be installed in a well-used kitchen and stay as beautiful as the day they were first installed.

It Comes in a Wide Variety of Colors

One of the reasons people gravitate to quartz over granite or other natural stones is that there are more options to choose from. In fact, Hanstone offers forty different varieties with new ones being added all of the time, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

It comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Even with an amazing product, things still happen. HanStone offers a lifetime residential warranty so that if anything ever damages your countertops, you can have them repaired for free. Not all manufacturers offer any kind of a warranty, so a lifetime warranty is especially generous.

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