10 Best Cousins Captions for Instagram

Our cousins play a crucial role in our lives. If you’re fortunate enough to have a cousin ‎or two, you know how valuable they can be in your life. The nicest part about having ‎cousins is that you get to spend special holidays and vacations with them. Not only do ‎you have them around for gossip and exchanging secrets, but they are also the fun ‎side of every family gathering and your greatest pals by birth.

Our cousins are either our friends or followers on social media platforms such as Facebook andInstagram. We have a variety of terrific cousin captions for you through which you can engage with them and shower love on them. So, without further ado, let us go through the incredible selection of cousin captions we have prepared for you. ‎‎

1. ‎My cousin is my favorite partner in crime.‎

Cousins do a lot of crazy stuff when they are together. If you have a cousin you would agree to this that they are your favorite partners in crime. If you have been up to some crazy stuff with your cousin you can take a picture with him/her and upload it on your Instagram. This will let other people know how close you are to your cousin and how much you enjoy his/her company.

2. When mom and dad don’t understand, a cousin always will.‎

Has this ever happened to you that when you are mad at your parents or siblings you go and spend the night at your cousin’s place? Well it happens to me sometimes. The reason for this is that there are certain things in life that our parents or siblings can’t understand.We also can’t share some things with them and it makes it difficult for us to reach a solution.This is where our cousins’ wise words can help us because we can share anything with them and this special bond will always help us in tough times.

3. Having a cousin can be the most blessing thing in your childhood. ‎Cousins add colors to your world, liveliness to your time and become ‎your ally.‎

Childhood is the most beautiful time in a person’s life.It is beautiful in the sense that you are innocent and you get to enjoy a lot of different stuff. But it is also tricky because you need to have good people in your life. Since your decision making power is low at this age you can’t wholly trust your friends. But cousins on the other hand are trustworthy. They are your first allies in all the fun activities you want to perform.

4. ‎There’s no crew like a cousin crew.‎

A cousin crew has several advantages that that a friend crew can’t have. One of the best advantage of a cousin crew is that you can spend the night at your their place. There you can get involved in any fun activity you want. But this is difficult when it come to your friends’ crew. It happens to a lot of guys and girls that their parents do not let them stay the night at their friends’ place. This is why cousin crew is better than friendcrew.

5. The only thing needed to make a boring family function full of fun is ‎that crazy cousin with the same vibes as you. – Athena Aves

What is the most difficult time that you have to face as a member of your family?For most of us it is attending the family gatherings. These gatherings can be fun sometimes but most of the times they are too dull and boring and you are always looking for ways to just get through them. This is where your cousins can help. You can just sit around with your cousinsin a corner, talk to them, or play something, or get involved inany sort of creative and fun activity.This would not have been possible without your cousins around you.

6. Knowing I have a cousin like you to share my ups, downs and ‎in-betweens is a gift few people have in this life.‎

Every person goes through a lot in his/her life and he/she often looks for a someone to talk to because keeping all your feelings inside your heart gets to your mind and makes it difficult for you to keep on going. This is where your cousins can help because you can talk to them about anything in the world and they will not judge you.They will understand you and will stand by you in whichever predicament you found yourself.

7. Cousins are the friends that will stomp through the mud with you as a ‎child and hold your hand as an adult.‎

Cousins do not only let you have fun with them but they also stand by you in difficult times. Let me give you an example you can all relate to. If one of your parents or sibling died who was there to console you? To tell you from my personal experience it was my cousins who were there. They gave me a shoulder to cry, they consoled me, and stood by me through that tough time.Therefore, value your cousins!

8. The love between cousins flows strong and deep, leaving us with ‎memories to treasure and keep.‎

This is a beautiful caption that you can use on the pictures that you took with your cousins. The reason that this caption sounds so cool is that it contains rhyming words deep and keep. This is a form of lyric that produces a happy emotion in the mind of the listeners. When your followers will read it, it will produce a pleasing effect in their minds too.

‎9. ‎They say that no matter how old you become, when you are with your ‎cousins, you revert back to childhood.‎

What is the most beautiful thing that you can enjoy being with your cousins when you are old? One of the best things isenjoying nostalgia! Nostalgia is thinking about all the good times that you had in the past. You must also have done a lot of crazy stuff with your cousins when you were children. Therefore whenever you get the time to visit them you should definitely revisit those pleasant memories that you all had.

10. ‎Cousins are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to ‎hear the answer. – Ed Cunningham

There are only a few people that help us in tough times and stand by us and cousins are one of them. Whenever we are worried or we are going through a rough patch we look for the perfect person to talk to – who can lift our morale and give us confidence. If you have a cousin that you can trust then he/she is the perfect in this scenario. Because he/she will listen to your problem and will share with you wise words to deal with it.


Hopefully, these captions have taught you that cousins are a gift from God and that they defend one another. These guys can fight and bicker with one other, but they also enjoy to tease each other. With our cousins at our sides, all of our family events and festivals become a lot more enjoyable. ‎

How would you have endured the monotonous celebrations your family organizes every other weekend if it weren’t for your fun-loving cousins, who despise these events just as much as you do? Because you all work well together, these situations become acceptable. If you love your cousins, put these captions on your pictures with them and share them on Instagram.