Five Benefits of a Surgical Makeover for Mom

Considering a mommy makeover but wondering what the benefits are? We’ve detailed them below.

1. Tighter Firmer Skin

Although the effectiveness of makeover surgery can vary from person to person, it is renowned for tightening up the abdomen – and that results in a firmer and smoother tummy. This sort of surgery typically takes the form of a tummy tuck that deals with loose skin that is the result of aging and weight loss. This is part of a procedure called ‘mammoplasty’ that (among other things) creates a much more contoured stomach area – and makes the tummy look both firmer and smoother.

2. Results include rejuvenating the Appearance of the Breasts

Mammoplasty can restore the youthful look of breasts as a result of breast lift surgery and augmentation. The breasts look perkier, are more toned, and display a better contour. The orientation of the breast is also rejuvenated. Speak to the professionals about Skin Works breast augmentation. This results in a better self-image – and improved self-confidence. 

3. The Effects of the Mommy Makeover are Dramatic

The procedures related to the makeover deal with sagging skin around the stomach area – and address the appearance of loose skin and sagging breasts, especially after childbirth. The results of the rejuvenation help restore that pre-pregnancy youthful look. The combination of all of the procedures involved in Mammoplasty surgery results in a significant transformation – all achieved extremely quickly. This combination of procedures will help the patient achieve that desired aesthetic result.  

4. Positive Effect on Skin Rejuvenation

The production of several types of hormones during pregnancy (which are all required for the healthy growth of the baby) can result in a number of physical changes affecting skin pigmentation, elasticity, and the looseness of the skin. Most women long to regain that youthful appearance that is the result of taut skin. The Mommy Makeover can be crucial in restoring skin, rejuvenating it through improving the complexion, and dealing with common pigmentation issues.

5. Eliminating Stretch Marks

One of the effects of pregnancy is to cause the skin around the abdominal area stretches. This is entirely natural and allows the body to accommodate the growing child. The unfortunate effect is that stretch marks become more and more prominent – and post-natal over-the-counter lotions and ointments are largely ineffective in dealing with the challenge. The stretch marks not only include abdominal areas but will also be found on hips and thighs – all of which can cause embarrassment in social situations. If stretch marks are causing you to stress, a Mommy Makeover is the solution.