Can HBOT be Harmful?

Hyperbaric chamber therapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a widely recognized non-medical procedure that is preferred to promote the natural healing process in the body. The concept of HBOT first came into the industry in the early 1900s; however, people later started using it for decompression sickness associated with scuba diving.

Oxyhelp is a reputed organization to design single-user and multiuser hbot chambers. They can be used to recover from a variety of mental and physical health problems. In the present scenario, it is widely preferred to help users enjoy enhanced mental clarity, physical well-being, and athletic performance.

The idea behind this treatment is to allow a person to sit inside a special chamber with pure oxygen content at an air pressure level of 1.5 to 3% more than the usual pressure. This therapy helps to fill the blood with enhanced oxygen levels that can repair damaged tissues and restore the normal function of the body.

What do you need to know about OxyhelpHyperbaric Oxygen Chambers?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing in pure oxygen with increased atmospheric pressure in the chamber. HBOT-based treatments are showing their impactful outcomes inthe past several years to manage symptoms of a multitude of diseases. Although FDA has not yet approved these HBOT chambers for medical treatments; they are widely utilized for some non-medical therapies and bodily conditions.

It is common to findOxyhelp HBOT chambers in various wellness centers and spas. Moreover, several people even prefer to buy HBOT chambers for their homes to fulfill custom needs. HBOT methods involve a user receiving treatment within a tube-like chamber. There are generally two types of chambers used for HBO therapy: hardshell and softshell chambers. Experts generally recommend using hardshell chambers that can maintain enhanced control over oxygen pressure levels. Oxyhelp platform can help you buy two types of HBOT chambers: monoplace and multiplace. The monoplace chambers can accommodate one person with a bed-type comfort; however, multiplace chambers are suitable for providing therapy to around 5 people at a time.

The mutliplace chambers can be easily transported in multiple parts and then assembled together at the buyer’s place. The separate sections are designed to fit through standard door sizes and can be easily fixed inside a building without requiring any structural modification. If required, the oxyhelp modular chambers can be dismantled, shifted to another room, and then reassembled again. It is even possible to use a laptop, phone, and electronic devices inside multiplace chambers. The modern oxyhelp chambers also allow users to watch YouTube and Netflix while going through the therapy.

What are the harmful effects of HBOT?

During HBOT, the person is required to lie on a dedicated table placed inside an enclosed chamber and breathe in for a dedicated time. The minimum time for therapy can be 3 minutes and the maximum can be up to 2 hours as per the condition to be managed.

In order to avoid oxygen poisoning, users are advised to take some short breaks and breathe normal air during therapy. It helps tissues to prevent accumulating too much oxygen content which can otherwise have its own side effects. Because excessive or repeated use of this therapy can cause oxygen poisoning, it is important to consider using a specific dose of oxygen as per individual requirements.The practitioners can advise you to create a controlled environment based on your age and overall health; it can also reduce the complications and side effects in the long run.

When HBO therapies are not conducted in a controlled environment or well-designed chambers, they can lead to some side effects. Also, excessive or repeated exposure to enhanced oxygen levels can cause light-headedness or fatigue. A few additional problems include lung damage, sinus damage, fluid build-up, change of vision, myopia, and oxygen poisoning.

Experts recommend not to undergo HBOT therapy under some serious health conditions. In general, one should not get inside the HBOT chamber if he/she has collapsed lung, experiencing some lung diseases, is feeling cold or fever, recent injury or ear surgery, or if you have claustrophobia.

What to expect during HBO therapy?

HBO therapy is very simple where users are just required to lie down inside a dedicated chamber and take a nap while enjoying breathing in pure oxygen. Many users call it the most relaxing duration of their stressful week. The session can last for a specific time depending upon the reason for therapy.

The therapy will help users to carry extra oxygen with blood throughout the body and it can further help to infuse injured tissues to advance the healing process. After the session, one can feel lightheaded with improved energy levels.

Injuries and wounds for athletes are a matter of concern since they can affect the overall field performance. Damage to blood vessels can also cause swelling and leaks into tissues. Oxyhelp chambers can improve the flow of oxygen into the blood while breaking the cycle of oxygen starvation. HBOT can disable toxins by increasing oxygen concentration so that infections can be resisted.

While experiencing this therapy, users are requiredto wear a special type of gown and then lie down in a sealed chamber, either alone or with other members, depending upon the size of the chamber. The pressurized oxygen is applied into this closed environment through a hood or mask. The user is allowed to listen to music or watch TV to have enhanced relaxation during therapy.

In order to avoid possible side effects of HBO therapy, it is better to consider using high-quality chambers from Oxyhelp. These therapies can help you enjoy maximum energy levels while achieving enhanced mental and physical boosts. People love to enjoy oxygen-based therapies for maintaining strong immunity and enjoy faster recovery from fatigue. It is a great choice for athletes to have better endurance in their daily life. One can place an order for an HBOT chamber at the Oxyhelp platform and get it installed at home. You will soon be able to observe incredible results from this therapy. If you are running a wellness center then also it can be a great addition to your platform to attract more customers.

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