Fishing in Costa Rica – Everything to Know

Don’t know when is the Best Time To Fish In Costa Rica, then you need to give this blog a read till the end. We have the answers for you.

Costa Rica: The Fishing Country 

You have to visit Costa Rica if you happen to be a recreational angler. Known for the numerous IGFA world records, travelers and visitors need to have prior knowledge about the best seasons for fishing. read more about Fishing in Costa Rica here, Knowing about the best seasons for fishing will help you to receive a real vacation full of memories when you decide to visit the country. In this blog, we will be mentioning everything you need to know about the country including when is the Best Time To Fish In Costa Rica

Best Time To Fish In Costa Rica

When you are visiting a country known for fishing, you need to be aware of the best time for fishing to get the maximum experience. According to experts and locals, the best time to fish in Costa Rica is between December and April. That is when the dry weather attracts sport fish and baitfishes to the coastal waters. Unlike other countries, if you want to indulge yourself in some fishing activities then the entire year is a good time to have fishing adventures when you are visiting Costa Rica.`

Breakdowns of the seasons

Due to the location of the country which is close to the equator, Costa Rica mainly experiences two seasons winters and summers. December to April happens to be the summers where the country experiences dry splashes. The temperatures of the waters also go higher and become warmer which in turn attracts more life. Baitfish thus flourish in the same and bring in large schools of the fish. On the other hand, May to November happens to be the winter months for the country. The winter months also happen to be the rainy season and the country experienced 100 inches of rain on an average every year. The rainy season brings in more fishing opportunities although it depends on the kind of fish species you are looking for. 

The key here is to remember that Costa Rica has microclimates so as visitors when you will be going for fishing adventures, you need to determine the location and have knowledge about the microclimates.

Best season for you to book fishing charters in Costa Rica

One of the main advantages of visiting Costa Rica is that you can go for fishing adventures all year long. This ensures that there is no best time to visit Costa Rica making this country earn a huge amount of revenue through tourism. Depending on the peaks of the different fish species, you need to plan your trip and your fishing expeditions accordingly.  The best example to prove the above statement is by looking at the fact that billfish species have their peaks during the summer seasons. On the other hand, marlin fish species happen to be at their peak during the winter months. Although having said that, some fish species are available in mass all year long. 

Research although suggests that the majority of fish species have their peak time between May and September. But in case you happen to enjoy the quiet then you can opt for fishing expeditions during the off-seasons. 

Best time to start the fishing expedition charter in Costa Rica

Usually, captains on the charters advise the visitors to start their charters early in the morning before 6 am. 

Morning Fishing

Despite having a huge crowd on the water during the early mornings, most people prefer fishing in the early mornings and hope to bring their trophy fish back to the shores. 

Afternoon fishing

The temperature in Costa Rica during the afternoons could time hamper the fishing expeditions during the same time. The waters are usually warmer compared to morning and evening fishing. But if you happen to enjoy some peace while you are fishing, then you can opt for an afternoon fishing expedition. 

Since a lot of factors go into deciding which time of the day will be best for fishing, make sure to choose a time of the day which is catering to all your requirements.

Best charter length

If you plan to visit the country during summer then the best charter length is long hours during the day. This will ensure that you are getting the opportunities to catch enough fish during your prolonged stay on the waters. But having said that, an entire day in the waters is the most popular option among visitors.

Now that you know everything about Costa Rica Fishing trips, find the best time to fish in Costa Rica and catch fish till your heart is content.