FinaRoyal Review – Who FinaRoyal Is For?

Founded a couple of years ago and based in the United States, FinaRoyal accounts for more than 12 million registered users in approximately 80 countries, including millions of users in the United States. At its start, FinaRoyal tended to be a graphics-intensive platform for forex, and it has developed those tools for cryptocurrency trading.

Who FinaRoyal Is For

FinaRoyal has graphic-intensive tools that serve crypto traders in the United States. Clients outside the country can trade contracts for difference and stocks. The main feature of this engaging proprietary platform is the simplicity with which every customer can carry out copy trading. The FinaRoyal platform equips traders who wish to be copied and who implement risk-control rules. This ease allows retail account owners to copy the trading strategies and the trades themselves of the most successful users in real-time and automatically. Besides, we need to mention that copy trading doesn’t hold any guarantees of your gains or losses.


  • 12 cryptocurrencies that users can use for trading round-the-clock
  • The easy-to-navigate site and mobile app
  • A wide community for crypto-traders


  • Spreads for cryptocurrency trading are broad
  • $25 threshold to purchase any cryptocurrency
  • Comparatively high minimums necessary for copy trades

Pros Explained

  • U.S. clients have access to Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP. 
  • The site and mobile application are relatively identical, easy to use, and with attractive layout.  
  • Users can check how other customers on the platform are trading and follow the strategies of certain users who allow them to mimic their trading strategies. 

Cons Explained 

  • There aren’t any explicit fees charged. However, trades are carried out with specific spreads that differ from coin to coin. In addition, some of the spreads are broad.
  • The minimum limit on purchase for any currency is $25, making it harder for small accounts to widen their balance accounts over many coins. 
  • Although you can mimic the trades of the leading traders, you will need to keep a higher account balance to follow their transactions. Most of them need a minimum of $200 per copied transaction.

FinaRoyal Trade Experience

FinaRoyal’ website is a perfect place to check your positions, get a view of your accounts in real-time, and make basic trades. In addition, it is easy to get access to the trade ticket and establish trade defaults. Thus, most users trying to make the most of their FinaRoyal account will be employing Trader Workstations.

They provide much more functionality and are designed for active investors and traders who strive for flexibility and trade many products. There, you can set up hotkeys to make orders promptly, and you can enjoy the option to hold orders for later execution. You can set a date and time for your order to be handed on or transmit a conditional order that will become active when particular requirements are met, for instance, when your existing order is executed. Moreover, you can connect the application to your Trader Workstation to make trades automatically or subscribe to transaction signals from various third-party providers.

You can make, change, and manage your orders directly from your chart. In addition, you will find streaming quotes in real-time, charts, and news across the platform— even when you are using several devices simultaneously.

FinaRoyal Costs

FinaRoyal’s costs depend on the location of the users and the asset classes used for trading: 

  • Customers in the United States who trade cryptocurrencies pay 0.75%-5.0%, based on the cryptocurrency being traded. The cost is included in the price at the execution stage and isn’t transparent. 
  • Customers outside the United States who trade stocks pay no fees for opening or closing the long position. Short transactions incur a fee of 0.18% of the amount of the trade.
  • Customers outside the United States who buy assets other than their home currency, for example, a U.K. client purchasing a U.S. stock, are expected to pay the fee for currency conversion. 
  • The inactivity commission is $10 per year for FinaRoyal’ accounts with no activity within a year. 
  • There are no commissions for withdrawing money for American clients. However, you must withdraw at least $30. 
  • The withdrawal fee for non-US users is $5. 
  • Transferring a currency out of FinaRoyal into your wallet is also subject to a fee. There are certain minimums for every coin. 

FinaRoyal Customer Service

Accounts with at least $5,000 can use help online and promptly submit their trouble request to FinaRoyal’s customer service. You can chat with an agent as soon as you follow the link to use the chat service. Users with a balance higher than $5,000 are assigned a specific account manager. Moreover, customers with a $25,000+ account can enjoy perks that go with priority customer assistance. As the regular level of client support can take up to 2 weeks to get a reply, priority service is always appreciated.

Note that support by phone is not available in most countries, and there is no broker support in real-time. However, the live chat option is available from the dedicated Customer Service page.

FinaRoyal Security

  • Biometric login is enabled for mobile application
  • No extra SIPC insurance (as soon as stock trades are enabled in the United States) 
  • The company has registration in Cyprus



Easy to use, good selection of investable assets, even hot ones. Low fees. Extras, for example, dedicated customer assistance person, investment charts, recommendations, etc.


Great customer service and reputable organization. I’ve been a customer for months and never had any issues. I would highly recommend this service. 


I recently joined FinaRoyal after a friend of mine recommended it to me. So far, all I can say is WOW. The platform is amazing with great assistance and guidance—a very easy-to-navigate interface that makes a big difference for me. A full 5-star experience, as I’m already making good profits. What else could one ask for? Well done!