Progress of the talented youth in Barcelona

With Ronald Koeman in charge, Barcelona football club was going through not the best stage of its history. It is enough to look at today score football to assess how deep was the crisis the Dutchman left the team in. And this applies to both performance and morale in the dressing room.

However, there were certain positive aspects under Koeman. First of all, it is the fact that the coach trusted in youth. For example, it was under him that Pedri became a consistent player of the main team.

The footballer is not a graduate of Barcelona. Back in 2019, he was signed in Las Palmas for only 5 million euros. Many people thought that this move an investment in Barcelona’s future. After all, the midfielder was only 17 years old.

However, Koeman began to trust him immediately. Very soon, it was impossible to imagine the starting lineup of the Catalans without Pedri. He also managed to get into the Spain’s senior national team. As a result, in less than a year, the footballer became one of the main stars of La Liga. Today, it is his actions on the field that largely determine what the score of a football match will be.

The signing of Pedri was not the only good thing that Koeman did for Barcelona as a coach. For example, during the 2021/22 campaign, Gavi became another player in the starting lineup. Nobody knew about this young talented player until the Dutchman brought him to the first team. Gavi is even younger than Pedri and it is obvious that these are the very players on whom Xavi will rely when creating the new Barcelona.

Considering the fact that Koeman worked with the youth and also won the Spanish Cup, his spell at the Camp Nou cannot be assessed negatively.

Further prospects for young talents

Today players like Pedri and Gavi encapsulate everything about the Catalan club. Their actions directly affect La Liga results of the team. The conditions for their further progress include:

  • hard work in training;
  • constant gaming practice;
  • improvement of tactical skills.

All this must be provided to them by Xavi. By the way, many people think Pedri could become the heir to this legendary midfielder.

Thus, if you want to follow the results of the renewed Barcelona in La Liga, be sure to go to the website of sports statistics. It offers details of each event. In addition, here you can study news about achievements of certain players. For example, you can find out if the young players whom Koeman trusted are still progressing. Remember that now fans have very high expectations for them, which will not be easy to justify.