Fashion Influencer Nikita Karizma Shares Her Life Enriching Experiences of Learning about Business in India

Reaching great fame from the items she launched in her graduation collection, Nikita Karizma founded her designer brand with the first order of £2000 from Little Mix. The designer brand started to gain popularity and fame when famous influencers and celebrities in London began to place customized orders to the young designer for special occasions involving pop culture. The demand developed to include specially requested items and, eventually, the eponymous ready-to-wear line.

The British-Indian designer has a whole family belonging to the fashion business, specifically fashion retail. Nikita’s parents and grandparents, who work as fashion buyers in a three-generation Indian retail family business, inspired her. She spent most of her childhood with her parents on business trips to India. They collaborated with Indian manufacturers and suppliers, and Nikita developed a sense of color, design, and styling aesthetics.

Her late mother dressed and styled a number of Bollywood stars, including the highly acclaimed Miss World Aishwarya Rai, for appearances in London. As a result of her mother’s help, she developed a talent for making women feel beautiful and confident during their most memorable moments. 

Nikita styled the Sugababes for a magazine cover and Miss America for an editorial when she was a teenager. Nikita began working in the media at the age of 16 in London, interviewing celebrities and influencers at events and on the red carpet. This drove her ambition to use everyday rituals, beliefs, and teachings acquired from her background and experiences to offer the world a voice and light.

Nikita Karizma is now intimately involved in all aspects of the design and development process, as well as working closely with style influencers. From her London design studio, Karizma oversees the company, working directly with her team to design, develop, and construct her apparel line, skincare, and lifestyle goods. 

Her items have also been put to the test by celebrities. Healthy materials, safe textures, and lifestyle goods are always updated by the multi-talented designer in her positive messaging, fashion, and lifestyle companies. She enjoys sharing her Self-Care Club selections, sustainable style, morning routines, vegan textile materials, happy Instagram filters, and beautiful special-occasion fits.