Everything you Need to Know About AFS Walling Solutions

Need a good walling system for your new structure? Tag along to know why they are just the right fit for your structure’s walls.

Having a reliable walling system is very important in construction. It won’t be overboard to search for a high-quality, walling format that lasts for a notable period without leaving a serious dip in your budget. AFS solutions have delivered the right products for these demands in almost 20 years, forging a mark for themselves.


What Are the AFS Walling Solutions All About?

AFS is a leading Australian manufacturing company that produces lasting formwork remedies for external and internal solid walls through different walling formats made available.

The AFS walling was initiated to fulfil market needs for affordable building resources that would make construction tasks efficient without giving clients doubts about durability and quality. Thanks to their remarkable lightweight, AFS walls are highly regarded in the market and easy to move for use. The walling design intends to replace conventional walling systems like concrete block walls, reinforced concrete walls, precast tilt slab walls, and brick walls produced of quality PVC materials.


What Are the Types of Walling Systems AFS Produce?

The AFS brand produces two types of walling patterns that are tractable and regulated by Australia’s building code. Those walling system types are the AFS Logicwall and the AFS Rediwall.

The AFS logicwall is a fixated walling system made for concrete walling, relating to external and internal walls of a structure. It is made up of weightless sandwich plates fabricated by clumping hair-donning fibre-cement sheets to galvanized steel hunk forms. The logicwall system can be used for facade walls, blade walls, balustrades, lift walls, and stair walls. The importance of the logicwall is that it makes an edifice more sustainable giving you the liberty to perform that construction sequence without subjecting yourself to a very demanding expenditure.

The AFS Rediwall is a polymer-based lasting framework for concrete walls. The Rediwall is smoother and less time-consuming to set up as it slides and interlinks uniformly to create a strong, efficient pattern. All of these on a low repair budget and obtaining optimal efficiency at the same time. The Rediwall system is used to construct basements, columns, party walls, retention tanks, preserving walls, dwarf walls, and landscaping walls.



Generally, setting the AFS wall types is very easy due to their ease of material handling and lightweight. However, some installations require professional expertise; all of which would be explained subsequently. The Rediwall system is simpler to install such that it doesn’t require any special training to do. The logicwall however, requires the expertise of a specialist to install the walls and it doesn’t take that much time.

However, it is advised that the installation of both walling systems be overseen by experienced professionals to avoid logistical problems of any sort.



Finishing is another essential component of the walling systems. Finishing effects on AFS wall types are apparent with the attractive outlook and structure quality. The finishing of the walling types is different and follow some process to achieve that final structure. The logicwall finishing works in two different parts; external wall finishing and internal wall finishing.

Finishing on external walls are done through the application of an acrylic render system. This model helps to cloak the joints and exterior flaws that may be obvious under glancing light situations. Internal wall finishes could be done in three different modes such as joint set only, joint set and skim-coated, and lastly, plasterboard linings. However, engineers recommend the joint set and skim-coated model to be used, not invalidating the other model types in any way.

The finishing in the Rediwall system is almost nonexistent as the walls come with a semi-gloss high quality, low-maintenance finish. Therefore, adding another type of finish is very unnecessary



Holistically, the benefits derived from using the AFS walling systems range from maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, ease of installation to durability. Also, the products are marked as compliant products, following the regulator’s criteria based on tests for fire certification, structure, durability, and acoustic performances. The benefits are distinctive since the purpose of the products is very much different. The benefits of the logicwall system could be listed as:

  • Installation Ease
  • Custom-made Panels
  • Load Bearing System
  • Consistent High-quality finishing

Rediwall benefits include:

  • Variety in Size Profiles
  • Water Resistance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Safe delivery of the materials by the company itself.


Regulation Compliance

The AFS logicwall and Rediwall systems of walling are very compliant with Australia’s code of conduct, so you have a green light purchasing it.



Post-review of all important factors about AFS walling systems and solutions, it is obvious that the AFS brand produces durable, high-quality choices for structure walling. It’s also a system that saves you time and incessant expenditure without compromising the walls’ standards.


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