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The global ESD safe matting market is expected to be worth US$ 101.72 million in 2022, rising to US$ 147.71 million by 2032. During the forecast period of 2022-2032, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.8 percent. The increasing use of ESD-Safe Mat in industries such as table, bench, monitor, and floor is propelling the global ESD-safe mat market forward.

Personnel and equipment are protected from static electrical discharges by ESD matting. These are typically used in workplaces where static electricity can accumulate and provide an easy path to the ground. If an ESD mat is not used, static discharges can endanger workers and the workplace. Antistatic gloves, clothing, footwear, flooring, antistatic tools, packages, and grounding straps can all be used in the workplace.

The ESD safe matting market is expected to expand in response to increased demand from the end-use industry and increased need for self-protection at workstations. It minimises electrostatic discharge as much as possible. It is also appropriate for industries where static electricity can cause damage to equipment and workers.

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The growing popularity of new and innovative flooring solutions such as marble, laminate, wooden, and parquet floors has increased the use of floor mats to reduce electrostatic collisions and damage, thereby driving market growth. Furthermore, further commercial sector expansion, such as hospitality, hospitals, fitness facilities, institutions, and shopping malls, is expected to increase market penetration in the coming years.

Furthermore, due to its widespread acceptance by end users for a variety of applications, the demand for entry mats has increased dramatically. In recent years, the global market has been driven by the growing popularity of walk-off entrance mats in both the residential and commercial sectors. To ensure superior indoor air quality, entrance matting acts as the first line of defense against dirt entering the facility. Manufacturers can easily customize the size and style of mats, as well as add additional functions to meet the needs of customers. With all these advancements, the global market of ESD mats is going to grow rapidly during the assessment period.

The pandemic and the post pandemic proved to be a bit challenging for this market. During these times, the logistics and the supply chains were gravely hampered and this made most of the companies from this market go low on stock and run out of stocks completely. This caused a significant negative impact on the market.

Moreover, the ESD safe mats are always manufactured with the highest quality of raw materials possible. The good quality of raw materials come for a high cost and this increases the overall cost of the end product. At the same time, for these mats the manufacturers cannot compromise on the quality as that will lead to severe accidents. For all these reasons, the market can face a bit of trouble during the forecast period.

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Key Segments Profiled in the Global ESD safe matting market

ESD Safe Matting Market by Application:

  • Table ESD Safe Matting
  • Bench ESD Safe Matting
  • Floor ESD Safe Matting
  • Monitor ESD Safe Matting
  • Others ESD Safe Matting

ESD Safe Matting Market by Type:

  • Vinyl ESD Safe Matting
  • Rubber ESD Safe Matting
  • PVC ESD Safe Matting
  • Others