Emerging Yoga Star (Yoga Teacher) to Follow on YouTube : Prashant J Yoga

Yoga is an ancient philosophy that has garnered a worldwide following. Besides the traditional means of disseminating yoga knowledge and information, today, knowledge of this age-old science can be gained with a few simple clicks on social media channels like YouTube. In fact, YouTube is one of the fastest-growing online mediums for yoga masters to reach out to audiences far and wide. One such yoga personality who is an emerging yoga influencer on YouTube is yoga master Prashant Jakhmola ji. Besides his deep knowledge pertaining to various aspects of yoga, Prashantji has gained numerous followers on social media channels due to his ease of presentation of yoga knowledge. 

In fact, recently, Prashant Ji expressed gratitude towards his ardent followers for reaching the milestone of 100,000 followers on his YouTube channel, “Prashantj yoga”. 

Yoga master Prashant Jakhmola is the founder of Yoga Vidya School in Rishikesh where he predominantly takes sessions of Teacher Trainings, Pranayama, Bandhas and Kriya.

A brief background of yoga master Prashant Jakhmola

Yoga master Prashant was born and bred in a Brahmin family in Rishikesh, India. After graduating in the science discipline, Prashantji began his journey in yoga by visiting the Sivananda Ashram. Here, at the Ashram, Prashant Ji learnt the nuances of yoga from one of the oldest and most experienced yogis. Under the guidance of such an experienced guru, Prashant Ji learnt the fundamentals of traditional yoga and yogic philosophy. Besides, he continued his physical asana practice under the supervision of Yogi Rudra, a popular Iyengar yoga guru in Rishikesh. Later, Prashant Ji explored the different aspects of Iyengar Yoga under the tutelage of Usha Devi Ji.  

However, a visit to the much-acclaimed Bihar School of Yoga proved to be a turning point for Prashant Ji. It was here that Prashant Ji learnt the nuances of leading a chaste yogic lifestyle, Karma Yoga and other aspects of yoga. Prashant Ji got his yoga teacher certification from the Bihar School of Yoga and practiced and honed his skills in yoga for several years. Post his stint at the Bihar School of Yoga, yoga master Prashant pursued his Masters in Yogic Sciences from Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. During this period, Prashant Ji also taught yoga asanas, meditation, pranayama and other elements of yoga such as Yoga Nidra and yoga anatomy at different schools in India and abroad.

Yoga master Prashant further explored yoga philosophy by studying the age-old Vedic scriptures, Upanishads and Shastras at Kailash Ashram. Prashant Ji later trained in Ashtanga yoga and adjustment in Mysore, the alma mater of Ashtanga Mysore yoga. At present, Prashant Ji is pursuing his doctorate in Yoga from Himalayan Garhwal University and has taken up the study of philosophical scriptures with Swami Ji in India.

Yoga master Prashant established Yoga Vidya School in Rishikesh with a team of highly accomplished yoga teachers. The main goal of Yoga Vidya School is to spread quality education and experience of Yoga tradition sans digressing from the ancient philosophy of Yoga.

A master with great knowledge and experience, Prashant Ji has garnered numerous followers from all over the world through an ease of presentation of yogic knowledge, as well as an earnest and positive attitude towards himself and his students.

Courses And Workshops Presided Over By Yoga Master Prashant Ji

Keeping in mind the busy lifestyles of people and their specific needs in today’s times, Prashant Ji has carefully researched and put together various online workshops as well as offline courses in yoga. 

Online Courses

The Breath Detox Workshop

This is a seven-day free online tutorial where information pertaining to correcting the flow of the breath will be shared with you by means of videos. At the end of this workshop, you will become adept at establishing your own breath detox routine to get amazing results after the cleansing of the lungs and complete respiratory system. 

You can get more information about this free course by clicking on the YouTube link below:

21-Day Online Hip Opening Workshop 

21 Days Online Hip Opening Yoga Workshop is designed by yoga master Prashant for those individuals who are struggling with tight hips that are affecting their posture and limiting their movements.

Yogi Prashant’s exclusive hip opening course covers an elaborate warm-up series to align the muscles for high-intensity movements and a variety of sequences focused on the muscles around the hip joints, hamstrings, inner legs, frontal thighs and gluteal muscles.

You can get more information about this online course by clicking on the YouTube link below:

Daily Practice Classes

Under yoga master Prashant Ji’s guidance, daily practice sessions are held in different yogic domains of pranayama, traditional hatha yoga, morning Ashtanga vinyasa sessions, mantra chanting and meditation.

Offline courses

Pranic Purification Course

This is an exclusive 21-day pranayama practice course called the pranic purification whose main goal is to understand the energy of your body and help your body detox and purify it so as to channelise your pranic energy in the right direction. This workshop is designed with the intention of weaving a pranayama routine into your daily life and helping you transform your life holistically at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. 

The Asana Alignment and Adjustment course

Personally designed by yoga master Prashant Ji, this course is intended as a preparatory means for those keen on pursuing a yoga teacher training course. Also, people who need further guidance to improve their own personal practice can also take up this course.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Prashant Ji with the help of his team of experts at Yoga Vidya School in Rishikesh, Kerala and Bali offers different levels of courses as part of the yoga teacher training program. These courses are enlisted below:

100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

This course is designed for people who are just stepping into the world of yoga and includes yoga basics pertaining to asana practice, pranayama, meditation and a cursory understanding of the alignment of the body and anatomy of self-body.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

This is the most sought-after fundamental yoga teacher training course that helps to advance your own personal practice by empowering you with a myriad of yogic techniques. However, the focus is also on empowering you with yogic tools, techniques and teaching methodologies making you adept to each other people. The course curriculum is exhaustive and consists of more than 14 subjects touching upon every aspect of the physical, philosophical and spiritual practice of yoga.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

This 300-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India is for 200-hour yoga TTC certified yoga practitioners who want to further deepen their skills through advanced-level learning of yogic practices and yogic philosophy.

The Youtube Endeavor

Gauging the popularity of YouTube and other social media channels, Prashant Ji began disseminating his vast yogic knowledge through several innovative videos pertaining to different yogic domains. Also, his lucid way of presentation and practical tips on a particular aspect of yoga has earned him a huge fan following online. You can find scores of such information-rich videos on topics ranging from digestive and respiratory problems, yoga for stress and weight loss, pranayama techniques and other related aspects where Prashant Ji delves into simple and practical aspects. Also, his information-laden content on YouTube pertaining to achieving the correct postures in asana practice are also hugely popular. 

Furthermore, as a trained teacher in the Ashtanga Vinyasa form of yoga, Prashant Ji has created elaborate content in form of YouTube videos. Moreover, you can also find content on general and miscellaneous aspects of yoga such as following a yogic lifestyle, boosting energy and yoga as a panacea for chronic lifestyle problems like back pain and diabetes, all delved into by yoga master Prashant Ji.

Over time, such niche content on YouTube has gained a subscriber base of more than 138 k for Prashant Ji making him an emerging star in the world of yoga.

So, folks, give yourself the gift of yoga by subscribing to Prashant Ji’s YouTube channel: @Prashantjyoga 

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