What are Three Breathwork Techniques and Their Benefits?

There are many different kinds of breathwork techniques that can be used for different things. Some are used to strengthen the core and muscles in your chest while others may put more of a focus on calming the mind and ridding it of negative thoughts and emotions. Whatever you are in need of, breathwork can be a great solution! The following is a look at three breathwork techniques and how they could benefit you!

The Stimulating Breath

The stimulating breath technique is a great exercise to use if you are looking to get more energy! Using breathwork for energy can help to reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness, giving you the energy to live a happier and healthier life! This technique focuses on your body’s ability to rapidly inhale and exhale, forcing your body to absorb more oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide. As your blood becomes more oxygenised, you are able to think more clearly and your body has more energy. If you are after breathwork techniques that focus on increasing energy, you are going to want to look for exercises that focus on rapid inhaling and exhaling, just like this one!

The 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise

The 4-7-8 breathing technique puts a focus on calming the mind and regulating the way you breathe. For those after breathing techniques for relaxation, this should definitely be an exercise that you try! This exercise works by focusing on counting the seconds as you breathe, the first four seconds are when you are inhaling, the next seven seconds are for holding your breath and the last eight seconds are for exhaling.

This longer exhale forces carbon dioxide out of your lungs, which is very good for you! This technique is known as breath counting and it can help to rid the body of excess carbon dioxide that builds up in your lungs while also increasing the strength of the muscles around your lungs and diaphragm!

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is another fantastic style to use, particularly if you are looking for breathing techniques for anxiety. This exercise focuses on the conscious change in the tempo of your breathing, going from shallow and quick breaths to long and deep breaths. Deep breathing helps to increase the amount of oxygen that you inhale while ensuring that you are still pushing the oxygen that is collected in your lungs out of your body.

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