Don’t be Overconfident on RC in Cat

Oh yes, reading comprehension or RC as we know this devil by acronym RC is one of the spoilers in CAT. RC can be deadly therefore you just can’t be overconfident on RC. It looks so easy to understand that we have to go through a stanza and answer questions based on this written stanza of prose. If you want to get more tips about passing your exams with good grades, visit this website for further details.

RC is a prose stanza within which you will find a great vocabulary, a great usage of adages and idioms, and perfect language skills of flamboyance with jumbled words besides redundant lines also.

Yes, that is where RC troubles you. How will, you understand the meaning or context of prose without having enriched vocabulary? How can you understand jumbled words without understanding the context? They are there to confuse you and stress you for not understanding and get nervous then you might answer incorrectly. Usages of adages are typically on the wrong side and that might give you dreadful sight at RC. Speed to read RC is another deadly scenario in the context that how can you be better at reading RC in just four minutes and answer in the next three minutes.

RC is a game-changer in CAT. Engineers find it difficult whereas others who are from commerce or arts or even humanities background can still manage better. RC is an overall vocabulary-based test. It is the only vocabulary that can ace RC. If that is the issue then how to enrich or do betterment on vocabulary? Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about Cat exams.

The best way to raise vocabulary is to read editorials of a newspaper and then write a summary of those editorials. That will enrich your language skills besides vocabulary. Reading novels or biographies are other options to rate your vocabulary as one of the strengths. Ultimate is the usage of words that will generate ideas to enrich vocabulary. The more you use the word in your daily routine, the more you will be able to get into a stronghold of vocabulary. Listing to All India Radio for its news services at night is one of the best mediums to empower your vocabulary. Listening to words with great pronunciation and that really matters a lot.

Remaining confident is better than getting overconfident that too on RC? Lets’ ensure that RC being vocab based test needs to be prepared best with a lot of practice.

Incidentally, CAT aspirants who scored perfect hundred always scored very high in RC and almost all RC stanzas were cracked with perfect answers. Are you more curious about passing your RC in Cat? Take a look at this website for further details.