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The first ever technology that enables anybody, regardless of means or expertise, to start their own lucrative domain and hosting company by registering an unlimited number of the cheapest domains and hosting plans on the market today.

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Special Edition of OTO1

You’re free to do away with our branding and replace it with something entirely new. Your own watermark may be added straight immediately. It’s possible to shop around and get the best deal. Get 50 Reseller License to Sell More and Unlock Built-in Whois Domain Tool, Hostname & IP Lookup Tool, Domain DNS Records Tool, Domain Location Tool.

The OTO2 Max Edition

Eliminate all constraints; that way, there will be no restrictions. Develop expert-level tools for registering an infinite number of domain names. Get unrestricted space for all your website content. Quickly and simply reach a global market with no limits. Possess an unbounded array of passive-income generators. Commercial Permission to Provide Flamboyant Services to Ravenous Customers and Enjoy Preferred Service Status

3rd Option: Try It Yourself

Doing little initial effort will get you started in the domain and hosting industry. Rather of wasting time doing everything yourself, consider hiring help. Hire us to build your do it yourself domain and web hosting company. Get going, and develop rapidly. We’ll show you how to create your own passive income stream with zero technical knowledge or effort required on your part.

Agnecy, OTO4 Edition

You may set the monthly fee as $197 or higher. Possessing such a program behind your back will provide you more authority. The ability to use technology or knowledge in marketing is not required. What if you could get all the advantages of a product that helps millions of people without breaking the bank?

The OTO5 Reseller’s Edition

You are free to resell Domain Pro to anybody you choose, and all proceeds are all yours to keep. If you’re skilled in software development, you may launch your own company and quickly reach six- or seven-figure earnings. There is zero startup and ongoing expense. There is zero work required on your part in terms of uploading, hosting, or setting up. In terms of popularity, Domain Pro is a runaway success. Value for money is high here. With even a single purchase, you’ll see a return on your original financial commitment.

The OTO6 White Label Edition

To Rebrand the Entire Instrument Make it your own by adding your unique touch. Name and emblem unique to your company

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Video review for Front End only Domain Pro

Domain Pro   – Text From This Video

Having trouble deciding where to register a domain name for your company or organization’s website? I’m going to show you why you should register domain names with Google Domains and host your emails with Google Workspace, just as we do at brainstorm force. I’m Yaz and I’d like to welcome you to Brainstorm Force. If you’re new to the channel, subscribe now and toggle alerts on so you don’t miss any of the instructional material we produce about all things WordPress. Don’t miss out on any of our upcoming videos if you’ve been attempting to register a domain name for yourself. As you undoubtedly already know, there is a wide range of domain name registration services from which to choose. However, you may not be aware that Google also operates its own domain registration service.

Hosted by Google. There are a lot of ways in which Google Domains separates apart from its rivals. Google Domains, for one, doesn’t attempt to upsell you while you’re using it, and it’s incredibly straightforward to use and administer your domain. you with any extra features you’ll never use or any hidden fees to be completely up-front with their price. It’s a one-stop shop for handling all your domain names. This is helpful when you need separate web hosting for each of your domain names.

The Over-The-Counter Add-Ons for Domain Pro

You are the owner of In addition to the standard email forwarding included with Google Domains, Google Workspace now offers personalized email addresses with your company name. Finally, Google Security is head and shoulders above the competition and offers superior support to boot. It’s vital to remember that Google Domains does not act as a hosting provider, so when you buy a domain name, you’ll need to locate a separate hosting service and link it to your Google Domains account. I’ll now take you on a tour of Google Domains, explain how easy it is to buy a domain name via them, and highlight some of the features that set them apart from the competitors. Let’s start with Google’s main homepage. If you click the URL I’ve provided below, you’ll immediately recognize the site’s distinctive logo. The Google logo and colors are prominently displayed on the homepage, while the design is otherwise spare. There is a search field where you may type in the name of the desired domain, and it also allows you to enter partial or full domain names.

You already know that it offers assistance from actual people at Google around the clock and that it supports more than 300 different domain name extensions. A further discussion on this matter is planned. In the beginning of the video, we will start the login process. It is possible to access Google services using an existing Google account. If you don’t have an account already, creating one is quick and easy, and then you may login in to access Google domains.

dash and touch down on the dash. Already, we can see one of the advantages that sets Google domains apart from their rivals. When compared to some of the other alternatives, which have an antiquated user interface, this one is clear and straightforward to use. They frequently seem clumsy and poorly designed, with confusing menus and settings that make you feel like you’re going in circles before you discover what you’re looking for, but with Google domains, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Here on this screen, though, we find a huge blue button that says “Find the ideal one” and a message in the center of the page that reads “no domains yet.”

AIUpsell for Domain Professional Version

Simply put, it’s Google’s mystical way of saying “Type in your domain name here,” and the second choice is to move a domain to a new host. This video will only cover the steps involved in buying a new domain name, but if you already have a domain name registered elsewhere you may transfer it to Google with no trouble at all. We’ll be searching for a domain name, so when you see the blue button, click it. This page should load, and if you’ve ever used Google before, the large search bar should seem familiar. I’ve heard that their searching abilities are impressive. So, let’s go ahead and put in the domain name we want to purchase. You may write in whatever you want, and Google does a great job of suggesting other options.

Just typing “domain 2021” into Google’s search bar and clicking “search” brings up a list of all the potential alternatives. You have found them, and you have a wide variety of choices for extensions. Examples,.org, For an even more comprehensive look at your options, choose “all endings” from the drop-down menu; with so many permutations at your disposal, you’re sure to find the one that’s just right.

I’ll show you, Tab, how Google also offers other domain names that are conceptually close to the one you’ve looked for, so we’re set there. You may choose from a wide variety of domain name structures (e.g., example, realm, example region). But if the one you desire isn’t available, you’ll hear about it here as well. It’s convenient since it displays all the available domain names in one location, and after you’ve settled on one, you can add it to your shopping basket with the help of this helpful symbol. Domain names that you like may be added to your favorites by clicking on the tiny heart like so, and as you can see, your favorites are accessible up here if you want to buy your domain name later and merely sort of shortlist it. And right now, we’ve got three of them stashed away, and they’re not even that far from from each other.

Domain Add-Ons for the Pro Version Linka

This is the shopping cart, and we’re about to complete the purchase of the domain name that we just added to it. This is also how your shopping cart will look, which leads me to the first of two reasons why you should use Google Domains as your domain registrar of choice: cheap domain name registration. You can see that Google’s annual fee is $12 and that this amount is not subject to change in coming years. With Google Domains, you can register a domain name for as little as $24 for two years, $36 for three years, and $120 for 10 years. There is never any variation in the flat rate that you are charged. Amazingly, Google Domains doesn’t attempt to upsell you or hide any costs from you.

There are no hidden fees or surprises; everything is exactly as it seems. Some domain name registrars, on the other hand, may give you a discounted rate for the first year but then charge you a substantial renewal price each year after that. Down the line, this becomes a bit deceptive and confusing, particularly if you haven’t bought the domain name previously. We discover that the privacy safeguard is activated. You’ll need to provide a lot of personal details to the domain registrar, like your name, address, and email, in order to complete the registration process. Your site needs privacy protection since all this data is freely available to the general public.

There’s a switch you can use to enable or disable this feature, which will keep your personal data safe from prying eyes; toggling it on and off won’t affect the price, as I’ll demonstrate now. An enormous perk of Google Domains is that it offers privacy protection at no extra cost, unlike many other domain registrars. It provides that privacy at no cost to you, and just under that is the option to automatically renew your subscription indefinitely. Simply renewing your Google Domains membership after the first term ends is what is meant by “renew.” As can be seen below, after the first year is over, it will automatically renew for a second year. Now below, you’ll see the area where you may create your own personalized email message.

OTO Domain Pro Local

Here is the place to establish a contact address through electronic mail that incorporates your own domain name. You’ve arrived at, where “sample domain” will, of course, be replaced with your own domain name. You’re free to set up as many personalized email addresses as you wish using Google Domains. Google Workspace is a paid service that requires a separate membership. You will need to acquire Google Workspace, Google’s cloud-based suite of productivity applications and corporate solutions.

We’ll go through Google Workspace in further detail shortly so you can get this personalized email feature set up. We’ll simply keep moving forward with the domain name purchase for now, and when you’re ready to pay, click the big blue button here. All your personal details such as name, address, email, and phone number need to be entered here and on the next page. That’s the kind of thing we spoke about: keeping personal details secret. Afterwards, you’ll be able to input your payment details and buy your domain. Congratulations! Congratulations! You’ve just bought your first domain on Google.

For the sake of demonstration, I’ve moved to a separate account, and as you can see, it lists all of the domain names I’ve registered; similarly, if you have more than one name registered on Google Domains, they will all be shown. Google’s user interface is very user-friendly, and this particular page makes it simple to administer your domain name. You can see the “Manage” button next to your domain name over there on the right. When we do that, we enter a submenu that provides us with an overview of the site. Currently, you are seeing our online presence, which you can see has been established. It even has all these other settings on the left hand side, such as the registration settings and the DNS website, to name a few, and now that we’ve purchased a domain name, the next obvious step that you want to take is to build your website, and when it comes to building a website, the number one website builder we highly recommend is WordPress.

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