What are the types of switches?

The switch is a kind of network equipment that transmits data with electric signals. It can provide a transmission channel for the data between two arbitrary network nodes. There are many types of switches on the market. What are the most common switches? Let’s take a look.

From the perspective of switch classification, if divided by transmission medium and speed, it can be divided into Ethernet switch, Gigabit Ethernet switch and ATM switch; From the perspective of scale application scenarios, switches can be divided into enterprise-level switches, department-level switches and workgroup-level switches. Since the scale of each manufacturer’s division is not completely consistent, there are many classification methods for switches. Let’s focus on Ethernet switch and optical switch.

1. Ethernet switch

With the development of network technology, Ethernet has become the most popular computer network. What it does is transmit data to the next node, using packet switching technology. In fact, no matter which switching mode is adopted, the essence of the switch is to provide exclusive access between two points.

The manufacturers of Ethernet switches have launched multi-layer switches according to the market demand, but its core function is still the exchange of Ethernet data, only with the ability to process IP layer packets. The emergence of this demand has also made Ethernet switches more cost-effective.

Ruijie’s switch can meet the deployment requirements in safe cities, intelligent transportation, outdoor monitoring and other harsh environments. It uses flexible gigabit ports to facilitate users to flexibly choose the connection mode according to the network architecture. It also applies the latest virtualization technology, which is more convenient and efficient in management.

2. Optical switch

Optical fiber switch is the next generation of optical switching technology that people are developing. Since the previous switching technology is based on the electrical signal, even the optical fiber switch needs to convert the optical signal into the electrical signal to carry out data transmission. Because of the low photoelectric conversion rate, people need to design a kind of optical fiber switch without photoelectric conversion, which will greatly improve the processing efficiency of the switch.

To sum up, the above is the introduction of switches. With the gradual upgrading of switching technology, new switches will also be developed, which can further improve the speed of data transmission and make people’s lives more convenient.

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