Does OLAPLEX Cause Hair Loss: Unraveling the Lawsuit Claims

Does OLAPLEX cause hair loss? The lawsuit against OLAPLEX products has sparked a heated debate in the beauty and wellness industry. In this blog post, we delve into the lawsuit claims against OLAPLEX products, suggesting they may be responsible for causing hair breakage and bald spots.

Further, we look into differing opinions on whether it’s necessarily hair loss due to toxic ingredients or improper application leading to scalp injuries. We discuss suggestions by experts like celebrity hairstylist Bradley Leake on customized home haircare routines as alternatives to potentially harmful products.

The OLAPLEX Hair Loss Lawsuit – What You Need to Know

A group of 28 women have decided to sue the haircare giant, OLAPLEX. They claim that using OLAPLEX’s products alone caused their hair to go from fabulous to follicle-fiasco. These ladies are not happy campers, as they experienced hair loss, bald spots, and even scalp injuries. Ouch.

What’s the beef with OLAPLEX?

The plaintiffs are pointing fingers at specific ingredients used by OLAPLEX. One of the culprits is lilial, a fragrance ingredient that’s been banned in Europe. Apparently, it’s not so fragrant when it comes to potential health risks. Another suspect is panthenol, which can cause redness and inflammation on sensitive scalps. Talk about a bad hair day.


OLAPLEX Stands by Product Safety

Despite the lawsuits, OLAPLEX maintains that their products are safe and do not cause hair breakage or damage. They have conducted extensive tests on their entire product range, including the No.7 bonding oil, which was specifically mentioned in the lawsuit.

OLAPLEX’s confidence in their product safety is further demonstrated by their decision not to issue any recalls, indicating their belief in the integrity of their offerings.

Hair care product testing is crucial for building consumer trust and maintaining a strong reputation within the industry. Despite the ongoing controversy, OLAPLEX remains committed to upholding these standards.

Differing Opinions About Cause of Hair Loss and Damage

While the OLAPLEX hair-care company is being sued by a group of women claiming hair loss and scalp injuries, not everyone agrees with these allegations. Some experts believe that incorrect application methods rather than ingredient toxicity could be at fault.

Alternative views on cause of damage – Incorrect usage vs Ingredient toxicity

In fact, many professional stylists suggest consulting them before incorporating new items into home-based routines to avoid potential issues like broken hair or bald spots. They argue that mishandling products can lead to dull hair, split ends, and other forms of hair damage.

The key takeaway here is that it’s crucial to use any product correctly and responsibly – this includes understanding your own unique needs and conditions when it comes to your personal care routine.

“Experts suggest that incorrect usage, not ingredient toxicity, may be the cause of hair damage. It’s important to use products correctly and responsibly. #HairCare #OLAPLEX”

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Defending Reputation & Maintaining Product Efficacy Belief By OLAPLEX

In the face of ongoing controversy, OLAPLEX, a renowned hair-care company based in California, has remained steadfast. The firm continues to vigorously defend its reputation against accusations that it deems baseless and unfounded.

OLAPLEX’s Stance Amidst Ongoing Controversy

The plaintiffs claim their hair conditions immediately improved after they stopped using OLAPLEX’s products ‘alone. However, OLAPLEX denies these allegations outrightly. They maintain that none of their products cause breakage or any form of scalp injuries leading to bald spots or broken hair.

The company stands by the safety and efficacy of its product line despite being sued by 28 women who allege severe damage caused by them. It should be noted that no recalls have been made thus far on any OLAPLEX products – an action which reflects the firm’s unwavering belief in their offerings’ safety and effectiveness.

This lawsuit is not the first time a major brand has faced such claims; similar lawsuits have been filed against other companies like WEN Chaz Dean for causing dull hair split ends and significant hair loss among users. Yet, unlike those instances where settlements were reached, OLAPLEX denied all allegations from the start and remains committed to proving its innocence.

“OLAPLEX stands firm against hair loss lawsuit, defending their products’ safety and efficacy. #HairCareControversy #OLAPLEXStrong”

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FAQs in Relation to Does OLAPLEX Cause Hair Loss

Why do people say OLAPLEX makes their hair fall out?

Some consumers have reported experiencing hair loss after using OLAPLEX products, which they attribute to certain ingredients, but OLAPLEX denies these claims.

What is the controversy with OLAPLEX?

The controversy revolves around allegations that some ingredients in OLAPLEX products may cause hair damage and loss, leading to an ongoing lawsuit.

Is OLAPLEX being sued for hair loss?

Yes, there is an ongoing lawsuit alleging that OLAPLEX causes hair loos. OLAPLEX strongly denies these claims as there is no evidence to suggest that OLAPLEX products cause hair loss.

Can using OLAPLEX too much damage hair?

Potentially overusing any product could lead to adverse effects; however, according to OLAPLEX’s official stance, its products are designed for regular use without causing harm.



After examining the allegations and evidence surrounding OLAPLEX, it’s clear that some consumers are concerned about the safety of OLAPLEX products.

OLAPLEX products are tested by third-party laboratories at the industry standard and have shown no evidence of causing hair loss.

If used properly, OLAPLEX products should not cause hair damage, but it may be worthwhile to research ingredients and ensure you do not have any sensitivities.