Display Packaging for Wedding Dresses

Your wedding dress can be one of the most sentimental and precious items you can keep and store for generations. After months of shopping for the perfect dress. With countless accessories to keep them sparkling clean and the fond memories you dance to on your wedding day, your wedding dress will surely become a treasured heirloom.

So why not put this keepsake in nice display boxes. This protects the dress, protects it from harmful light or dust, and allows you to pass it on to future generations.


Before the wedding: take care of your wedding dress. The best way to make sure your wedding dress lasts a long time is to be extra careful before anyone says Yes. If your special day hasn’t arrived yet, follow these tips to keep your dress crisp until the ceremony

1.   First, decide how many topics you want to cover.

Do you want to bring your veil, shoes, jewelry, and a bag? Once you know exactly what you want to frame, decide how you want to organize the dress and the accessories. Do you want the dress to be folded to show off special beads at the top of the dress? Or do you want the dress to hang completely?

2.   When choosing a shadow box, make sure the glass and materials protect your dress.

Do not select a box that allows ultraviolet light, radiation, or head into the frame. This type of lighting can damage the color of the material and distort the original context of the dress.

Never use tissue paper, boxes, or plastic bags that contain acid to store your wedding dress. The acid from these materials can stain the dress and irreparably damage the material. Expect to use a large number of materials for wedding dresses and floor accessories.

3.   Choose protection, but don’t give up on the charm.

While a presentation box should use safe materials for your wedding dress, it should also be attractive and show off the dress beautifully. You don’t want to remove any moldings or bezels from the dress.

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1.   Avoid stains:

 Sure, on your wedding day you want to avoid anything that can stain, but did you know that flower pollen can be one of the biggest sins. Specifically, the super potent pollen found in lilies. Florists remove the pieces of pollen with scissors, but the problem arises if there are closed buds in your bouquet that open just before going down the hall. Check that your florist has removed the buds and get a bridesmaid to look for buds that might need to be cut.

2.   Safe Transport:

Always transport the dress in the correct garment bag. For added safety when traveling, wrap important areas, such as decorations, with non-colored, acid-free tissue paper. And don’t forget to save these labels – you should use them to show your wedding dress specialist when you’re ready to clean them.

3.   After The Wedding: Keep Your Dress Safe.

If you have lived your special day without any real harm, you are in luck. However, there is a good chance that the dress will not go straight to the cleaner after receipt. Follow these must-haves to keep it safe while waiting:

4.   Use A Garment Bag.

Covering your dress in plastic, which means mold and mildew, and plastic also emits fumes that can make your dress yellow. Store your wedding dress in the appropriate garment bag, protect it from light.

5.   Lay it Flat (or hang it properly)

Ideally, your bridal shop will keep your dress to yourself, but if not, lay it as flat as possible. If you have to hang your dress, hang it on the loops inside never on the straps to prevent it from stretching and hanging down in the seams. Each dress is specific, so ask the specialists in your store how to put it away after the wedding.

6.   Leave the cleanup to the experts

 It is a difficult process. One wrong move can harden the stain and make it worse. Remember that sometimes the best thing you can do is leave the premises until they can be handled in a professional manner.

7.   Wedding Dress Hack:

Shortly before you can consult with the cleaning staff, cover your dress with white cotton sheets. This saves him from dust, light, and other ugly predators.

8.   Remember to consult with the cleaning experts.

You might be overwhelmed with choosing where to keep your new wedding presents, but don’t let that slow down the process of storing your wedding dress. While you can choose to wait, experts recommend waiting no longer than six months to have your dress professionally cleaned.

Cleaning tips:

 Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Depending on the age, color, and fabric of the dress, different techniques should be used as well as different beads, sequins, and pearls.

1.   Think about the professional storage of wedding dresses.

Complete storage can save your dress from yellowing, permanent wrinkles, oxidation stains, light, and dust.

Conservation experts usually remove stains, make necessary repairs on the floor, press or clean the dress, wrap in acid-free cloth, and store. In general, there are three types of preservation methods:

2.   Sealing:

 Some companies actually choose to vacuum seal the wedding dress before storing it in an acid-free box. Many museum inspectors do not recommend this method because the seal promotes mold and mildew, creates permanent wrinkles, and prevents regular inspection of your dress.

3.   Boxing:

 In this method, your dress is always folded and placed in an acid-free box. An acid-free fabric is used to protect it from permanent wrinkles. This fabric should be white, any colored paper may bleed into the dress. Since the box is not sealed, the fabric can still breathe and you can remove the dress at regular intervals to inspect and fold it up.

4.   Wrap:

Similar to the way museums have used to preserve cultural heritage costumes, this option allows your dress to hang down and unfold. The dress is reinforced with twill straps to add support and prevent long term damage from snagging. Then placed in a special cotton bag that can be hung securely with a padded hanger.

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