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Difference between Architect and Civil Engineer

For many, building a house is an emotional journey. It takes a lot of courage, planning, emotional investment, and money to design, develop and move into a place you have planned for ages. But for many, design and construction are two different domains, and they always need clarification about who to contact when they are ready for their house construction services adventure: an engineer or an architect. Who will serve them better, design a sound building that will last long and who will be better?

This blog is all about this question. The difference between an architect and an engineer. This is especially true in Pakistan, where the concept of well-designed buildings and houses has recently gained traction. This will also cover some essential aspects, such as the pros and cons of both and their significant work differences and similarities.

Roles and Responsibilities

Role of an Architect

As the name suggests, an architect specialises in designing spaces, ensuring they have the perfect combination of utility and aesthetics. They design floor plans, placement of artistic elements, use of material type for the type of space used and above all, make sure they are pleasing.

An architect is usually the one you will meet first when deciding to make a home or a commercial building or do the renovation work. In addition to the work they do as planners of a virgin building, they also transform the place with the vision of interior designers. Yes, that’s true. Architects also serve as interior designers as they know their work and have spent a lot of time figuring out how the colours and material work, gender-based differences and the client’s age make all the difference.

Role of a Civil Engineer

A civil engineer is a necessary part of the construction and building process as without them, the whole industry will be just designs and no strength. They ensure that the designed building is sound in terms of structural engineering and approved for the local laws and needs of the design strategy.

People often confuse architects with civil engineers because they serve the same industry, but that’s untrue. An engineer is there to ensure that the building is not just fancy but is safe for your family, has all the components in perfect balance, and the parts of each design are so fine-tuned that they become a whole.

A civil engineer also makes sure the design is possible and is not out of a fiction movie, impossible to come true. Therefore, an architect often looks towards a civil engineer for their input.

Education and Training

Architectural Education

To be an architect, one must undergo a strict training regimen, field experience and internships with mentors who train them for future challenges. In Pakistan, several universities offer architecture and design courses and degrees. These degrees are often 4-year bachelors in art and design, focusing on design elements, architectural history, inspiration and psychology of elements and design. It is more like a science of how to play with design, aesthetics, materials and human psychology to bring something meaningful and long-lasting.

Those 4 years of theoretical knowledge is paired with internships at big companies and known architectural houses to gain experience from the practical and field points of view.

Civil Engineer Education

Like an architect, civil engineering is a 4 years long degree with multiple types of projects and disciplines. However, unlike an architect who studies the science of visual and design elements, a civil engineer studies the strength, building science, and the science behind tall buildings and what makes them strong. This is purely about scientific principles and mathematical calculations.

In Pakistan, almost every private and government university offers civil engineering courses to students. Like an architect, an engineer not only has to sign up for a professional licence to practise but also spends a lot of time in the field to gain experience, which is crucial for upward mobility and success. In Pakistan, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) is the body that issues licences to engineers.

Who Should You Hire?

So, who should you hire for your dream home design and construction? Should it be an architect with a firm grip over design elements, space use and colour persona or an engineer with a firm grip on his construction abilities?

The simple answer is both.

If you plan on constructing your house for the first time, you should know that an architect is the most crucial person you can hire for your dream home. But even an architect depends on civil engineers for the complex maths and strength issues. So the simple answer is always to choose an architect firm with a perfect architect and civil engineer duo. Because in the end, even a civil engineer has to answer and consult with an architect for the design as a civil engineer could be better at aesthetics.

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