Dealing With Grief

When someone close to you dies, it can be an incredibly hard time. It’s completely normal to not feel like yourself. If you feel like you can’t carry on and act as if nothing has happened, this is completely okay.

If you’ve never experienced something like this before, it can be even harder. It can negatively affect your mental well-being and how you act with others, but this is to be expected.

If you feel yourself going through this process, there are steps you can take to try to help yourself feel better. And if you’re arranging the funeral yourself, you can speak with your local funeral directors to ask for further help and guidance.

This article will look at ways in which you can deal with grief, with tips on how to cope and what you can do to try and feel better. As everyone is different, not all these tips may work for you, but you can give them a go to see if they help.

Take Time for Yourself

During times like this, you need to put yourself first. Grieving is difficult, so listen to how you feel and do what feels right. This can be anything from taking some time off work to grieving, or not attending social events for some time. It can be different for everyone, so it’s important to listen to how you feel and do what works best for you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk

Talking about how you feel can be a good way to cope. Once you get your feelings out, it can take a look off your shoulders. Whereas, bottling feelings up might make your feelings worse.

If you don’t want to upset or burden a family member or friend, there are many charities that are there to offer you support. Specialist bereavement charities are there to listen to you and offer advice, with experience helping those going through loss and grief.

You can also speak with your local funeral directors for their advice, they will have a lot of first-hand experience so speaking to them may help with what you’re going through.

Be Honest and Realistic

Being honest with how you feel is a good first step to take. This will help you accept your feelings and make it easier to move forward. It’s also important to avoid giving yourself a time frame for feeling better, as you don’t know how long it will take. It’s very possible that you won’t get over the loss completely, so just take things one step at a time.

You shouldn’t only be honest with yourself, but with others too. If you’re not feeling up to something, just let them know. This will make it easier for you to cope in a way that best suits you and for others to offer help if needed.

Carry On with Hobbies

Keeping busy can be helpful for some people and doing something you love can remind you of the happiness you can feel. So when you feel like you can, do something you enjoy. Whether it’s cooking a nice meal, watching a film you love, or reading, it can be a healthy way to distract yourself for a bit.

However, don’t distract yourself to the point where you’re avoiding your feelings. It’s still important to accept how you feel before trying to put your mind elsewhere.

Stay Physical

Your physical health is just as important as your mental health, and since it’s proven that exercise improves your mood, keeping to a workout routine can be a useful way to cope.

Getting enough sleep and eating nutritional food will also help your overall health and well-being. Of course, this can feel like a lot during a difficult time, so don’t put yourself down for not following this all of the time.

Visit the Chapel of Rest

A chapel of rest offers the chance for you to say goodbye to your loved one. It’s a good way to get closure and pay your respects to your loved ones close by. Many people find it helpful, whereas others might find it too stressful or upsetting.

Give It Time

As with many things, time is one of the best healers. It’s perfectly fine to accept that you are going to feel upset, down, angry, whatever it is, for a while. As long as you speak to someone and are honest with how you’re feeling, you can get the right help you need.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.