Traits That Make a Good Lawyer

There are a lot of criminal lawyers offering their services to people who need them but not all lawyers are equal in skill, experience, cost or ability. It is important when you need a Melbourne lawyer that you look for one that has experience with your kind of case and has the traits you would want to see in a good lawyer. This will go a long way in bringing you someone you can turn to for advice and can trust to work hard on your case.

You need to feel they will support you

Sometimes they have worked too long and they become jaded and tired and even uncaring about the clients they take on. In order to get the best possible results you need to find a lawyer who does support you, who still cares and someone you can talk to and you feel listens to you about anything you need addressing. At a time when you might feel like everyone is against you, you need your lawyer to back you up.

You should look for a lawyer with experience

Experienced lawyers tend to be better than the very inexperienced. While there is a time when some get tired of it, finding a lawyer Melbourne based who has five or more years under their belts is a good move. They will be familiar with being in court, all the paperwork and processes involved and might even get things done more quickly for you. If they are charging by the hour that can save you money.

What is Lawyer’s Communication Like?

You want a Melbourne lawyer who communicates well and as promised. Too many times clients find their lawyers are hard to reach, do not tell them things or keep them up to date or answer questions they might have. Choose a lawyer who can commit to these things. Ask them about how many cases they work on at a time and what that means to you when you want to reach them.

Criminal Lawyer

Does the Lawyer a good Reputation?

Having a good reputation is a crucial part of being a good and trusted lawyer. You might have to pay a little more to have such a lawyer but it is worth it. They are trustworthy and have shown themselves to be skilled at their profession. You can judge such things by their track record, client reviews, independent review sites and whether they are a part of a national association.


Ideally, you would want a lawyer Melbourne that you have found for yourself as quickly as you can get yourself one. They can be there then for the start of the process and make sure no one stomps on your legal rights. At the same time, you still need to take certain steps in the process, making sure they proactive the type of law you need, have experience with your type of case, have a few years of experience under their belt, communicate well and are someone you can be honest with.