CZUR Fancy S Pro: An Affordable Multifunctional Document Camera to Support Your Presentation

Want to improve the quality of teaching in the classroom? Today, document cameras are an integral part of modern classrooms. For those of you who don’t know, they are a kind of modern projectors. Unlike conventional projectors, they are equipped with high-resolution cameras capable of capturing images in an area and projecting them onto a wider field to be seen by many people in one room. Today more and more teachers are using the tools in their classes to support the teaching and learning process. And to be honest, it’s not only teachers who are enthusiastic about using them. Project managers and leaders too!

They need a document camera that is reliable enough to capture images and project them to a group audience. Today, with just a few clicks you can find various document cameras on the market but not all of them are reliable. If you ask us we would recommend the CZUR Fancy S Pro. This kit retails for an affordable price for most people, $119. $119 for a high-end document camera that can boost all presentations to a higher level is certainly a bargain. Moreover, this device is made by CZUR, one of the best in the field of cutting-edge technology which is focused on increasing the level of office work and educational activities.

What is CZUR Fancy S Pro?

This is a 2-in-1 device with two camera functions combined; a document camera and a webcam. With this tool, capturing all forms of images (2D and 3D) can be done perfectly and in real time. Therefore this tool deserves to be called a hybrid device. There are many fields where the Fancy S Pro can play a role, including the world of education, business, and social media. The joys of this device are its great shooting and recording capabilities, impressive scanning speed, high-resolution output, automatic alignment of scanned objects, and of course its beautiful design.

There are two versions of Fancy S Pro, and the one we have is the 12MP one. This version retails for $119, while the lower version retails for $100. The lower one is only powered by an 8MP camera. In any case, it remains adequate for most daily needs, and just like with the 12MP version, it can still be rotated up to 180 degrees.

A revolution

CZUR Fancy S Pro is not an ordinary document camera. More precisely, it is a cheap document camera with excellent performance. No matter what your needs are, Fancy S Pro is able to serve you well. Do you want to show an object in the document and share it with your students instantly? Do you want to “play around” with the angle of shooting or recording? The tool can provide a satisfactory solution! It’s a tool that pushes your presentation skills to a point you may never have imagined. Even for many office workers, Fancy S Pro is a revolutionary tool. They can convey their ideas much better than before.

It was mentioned above about its “beautiful design.” That means the CZUR Fancy S Pro has a multi-functional design in a beautiful package. Here are the key points:

– Top View Camera: This camera setting allows capturing very well-displayed pictures, files, and all things.

– Multi-Jointed Arm Design: This arm design allows shooting from multiple angles and details.

– Adjustable angles and levels: They facilitate the recording of a wider variety of moments.

– Camera Orientation: Makes it easy to record live on social media such as TikTok and Instagram.

All controls are packaged in the form of a disc where there are various buttons neatly embedded on the surface. Basically, users only need to use one hand to carry out many functions. It can’t be more practical than that!

HD camera features

This document camera is equipped with an HD camera that is difficult to match by similar devices. Here are some of the characteristics of the HD camera embedded in the Fancy S Pro 12 MP:

● 12 Megapixel CMOS

● 4K@15fps; 1080P@60fps

● Autofocus

● Large A3 shooting camera

● Plug and Play

● 3 levels of adjustable LED light

● Rotate

● Built-in microphone

● Exposure adjustments


With Fancy S Pro, recording live tutorials and showing pictures in books in a presentation can be done more quickly without compromising on quality. On sale for $119, this is a cheap hybrid device that is definitely worth considering if you plan on making presentations, recording activities, and sharing them with others. This is one tool with many functions! If you are really interested in CZUR Fancy S Pro, you can get up to a 10% discount by using code “FS“. Hopefully, this information was useful for you. Thank you for the time to read this article and have a good day!