Crucial Questions to Ask a Brain Injury Lawyer in the First Meeting

Your choice of a traumatic brain injury attorney makes all the difference to your claim. You can work with any of the hundreds of personal injury attorneys in Chicago, but not all of them can represent you with the needed experience  in a brain injury claim. 

Specialization matters a lot when choosing a lawyer. This is because lawsuits that involve TBIs (traumatic brain injury) are complicated and take longer if you aren’t adequately prepared.

If you choose an injury lawyer that doesn’t have the right skills, experience, and qualifications necessary to handle the claim, your chances of getting compensated are significantly reduced. Getting the right lawyer is similar to interviewing for a position at work – you must ask the right questions focused on the practice.

Remember you will entrust the lawyer with all tasks of getting the compensation that will help you get your life back on track after being disrupted by the TBI.

With a lot on the line and your future hanging by a thread, it is crucial to hire a lawyer to guarantee success with the claim.

Here are a few questions that you can ask your lawyer when you first meet:

How Many Similar Cases Have You handled Before?

As discussed before, brain injury litigation cases are more complicated than those involving fractures or other parts of the body. The lawyer must understand how the accident affected you and the stress you are undergoing. This requires years of experience handling similar cases.

Let the lawyer list a few cases he has handled and what compensation he got for the victims. The lawyer should also have at his disposal the opinions of medical experts specializing in brain injuries since they are often vital in helping you get the compensation you deserve.

Who will Handle My Case?

Even if you hire the best lawyer in the world, it won’t matter if they aren’t actually handling your case by themselves. Most prominent lawyers assign cases to a less seasoned lawyer to handle them. This might not be an issue at all, especially if the lawyer assigned your case has the experience you need to win it.

Ask the lawyer if the support staff has the necessary experience to handle the case before signing the contract.

Do You have Experience Handling Brain Injuries Like Mine?

The cause of brain injury varies. You might have been injured in a car accident or a slip and fall accident. You need a ‘brain injury lawyer near me’ that has experience handling cases that have the same cause as yours because the circumstances differ.

The way the lawyer handles a TBI from a motorcycle accident differs from the way he handles a case that involves a truck accident.

Can I Speak to Former Clients that You Represented Before?

What former clients tell you about the lawyer can give you a lot of information to help you make a decision. These clients will tell you about their experience with the lawyer, whether positive or negative.

Ask the clients whether the lawyer was responsive, available, and professional in handling the case.

What Are My Chances at Getting Compensated?

After reviewing the documents you provide, the traumatic brain injury lawyer can tell you whether you have a chance of getting compensated or not. They will base their decision on previous cases they have handled and how successful it was. The lawyer will only take up the case if he knows there is a high chance of winning.