Crestron – a leader in home automation today

Crestron’s experience in enterprise audio video equips us with the ability to bring a professional-quality solution to any room in the home. It really is a brand of the moment. It is also the brand so many electricians and installers are now turning to and looking to install on their projects too. As a brand, it really is on the up and going places. It is also the perfect brand to make an all important investment into too.

A brand making a difference

Smart technology is all around us. Our modern lives would grind to a near standstill if it disappeared. From smartphones and smart cars to AI-powered software and products, our lives are greatly improved by smart technology. But many people do not live in smart homes. It’s the one place they spend the most time, and yet it’s void of technology that would make their lives so much easier. The Crestron smart home automation system changes everything. It’s a customizable and scalable platform. It is one that lets you take control of all the tech in your home. This is from smart lighting and motorized shades to the home entertainment system and security cameras. Sophisticated yet simple to use, the Crestron OS 3 system adds more convenience, luxury, and entertainment to your living experience.

Living in your home just got a whole lot easier

Losing your keys or forgetting a password is no longer a problem. Fingerprint readers make it impossible for you to lock yourself out. You can also better track who comes in and out of your property since everyone is using a unique fingerprint for entry. As with most Crestron smart home features, there are many ways to customise your fingerprint entry.

Deploy a duress signal by using your left instead of the right index finger at your reader. Each person has custom scenes activate whenever they use fingerprint readers – virtually a personalised greeting from your home. Not only does the door unlock and alarm deactivate, but lights turn on leading the way to your living room. In your living room, the TV automatically turns on to your favourite channel, and the thermostat adjusts to your go-to settings. When children use the fingerprint reader, cameras instantly turn on and the stove shuts off.

A brand you can rely on

World leaders Crestron UK build and manufacturer a range of integrated AV solutions for homes, commercial buildings in the UK. There’s no question Crestron UK is the number 1 premier home automation brand in the world. What you may not know is that it’s also one of the most affordable. With Crestron UK there’s no compromise. You don’t have to give up power, performance or scalability for price. Only Crestron home automation allows you to start with a small & inexpensive system and then grow as big as you want at your own pace.


Crestron Home Automation famously used in super multi-million dollar homes and premium luxury hospitality businesses in Knightsbridge London, Manhattan New York, and Downtown Dubai and for the first time in Africa, a commercial residential building. It is a brand on the move and a brand for the future. It is also a brand that really does relay luxury from within every installation it is put into.

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