COVID-19 travel information for airport transfers

The pandemic slowed down, and it paved the way for all kinds of commercial activities to work like before with slight changes. This applies even to the tourism business, and the travel between the countries is open in all countries. So, if you want to enjoy the beauty and witness the wonders of Australia, you can land at Melbourne airport and begin your incredible journey. Whether you are looking to add a series of beautiful places to your solo adventure trip or enjoy a memorable journey with your spouse or your buddies, visiting Melbourne is the best destination. 

After the months of lockdowns and other restrictions, fear of catching the virus, etc., now you can visit Melbourne. If you wonder how to move from one place to another in the unknown land, you need not worry—all you need to do is contact Airport Transfers MelbourneThe professional drivers will help you in guiding and commuting between airports to popular tourist places and other prominent spots.  In this post, let us look at what all have changed after the pandemic and how you can align yourself with the latest travel requirements. 

Resumption of travel

You can now visit Melbourne, and this incredible city is ready to welcome you. As travel resumes and borders open up, travel requirements keep on changing. Hence, before boarding your plane, ensure you know the safety measures and travel requirements fixed by your airline. The guidelines can be different in your country and the destination place. So, it is essential to know all those things before your travel. For getting more information, you can contact your airline and government websites. 

Covid -19 Information

Even though the fatality of Covid-19 has reduced, it is still impacting the travels. Hence there are different restrictions and rules in other parts of the world. We are closely monitoring the local requirements and the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization. 

For international travels

Even though many aspects of international travel looks familiar, like pre-pandemic, there are a few changes, particularly for a short time. Hence, before traveling, you must ensure you know all the restrictions and rules about international travel. The airlines and government rules are regularly changing. The basic requirements may include carrying and wearing the face masks, mandatory health declarations, pre-departure Corona tests, vaccinations, entry permits, quarantine, pre-approval, or in some places; you may be prohibited to enter. 

Domestic travels

Once you reach Australia, indeed you are required to travel between many parts of the country. Hence the awareness of travels inside the country is a must. In response to Covid-19, some territories and states of Australia have implemented measures such as additional safety protocols, health checkups, etc. These things might impact your travel. The standard precautions are the same as international travels, such as wearing masks, quarantine, vaccination certificates, etc. 

How to stay safe on the ground and the plane?

The first thing is to protect yourself by wearing masks. The masks are compulsory on commercial flights and also at airports. You mustn’t come travel or come to the airport if you are experiencing any Covid related symptoms or not feeling well. If you experience such things, seek medical assistance. Also, contact your airline and plan to change your travel dates. If you are in good health, travel by wearing masks and washing and sanitizing your hands regularly. 

FAQ about the return to travel

The commonly and frequently asked questions about travel resumption will help you get more insights into what to do and what not to. Hence, let us look at the FAQs. 

Do I need to complete my quarantine period on arrival in Melbourne?

If you are fully vaccinated with any one of the six recognized vaccines by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), you do not have to go through the compulsory quarantine. So, it is necessary to get vaccines if you do not want to wish your precious time in completing the quarantine. 

If you are not vaccinated fully and arriving in Australia from an overseas location, you must complete 14 days mandatory quarantine. 

Is it mandatory to wear a mask at the airport? 

Yes, the face mask is mandatory in commercial flights and airports. You can take additional measures like checking online to avoid waiting in queue wherever possible. 


The travel rules have changed in many parts of the world, and still, safety measures are essential to keep yourself in good shape. You must travel using vehicles where all safety protocols are followed. If you are looking for such cars and professional drivers, do not look beyond Airport Transfers Melbourne

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