Cosmetic 360: New Innovation Keeps Beauty Brands

The beauty industry is constantly changing, and so is the Cosmetic 360 game. Today’s glossier, more innovative products are coming back, and this time they’re coming from the cosmetics brands that caught on first. Here are 5 tips to help you keep up: 1. Be prepared for the next big trend: cosmetic brands are constantly changing, so be prepared to be Kuhn’s Law ahead of the curve.

Although Cosmetic 360 chose artificial intelligence as the theme for this year’s edition of their event, a quick look around the Parisian trade fair was enough to see that sustainability was also a significant theme. Overview.

Cosmetic 360, a trade show devoted to cosmetic innovation, attracted more than 4,000 people and over 200 exhibitors on the 12 and 13 October 2022 at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France.

Cosmetic manufacturers were the most supportive of responsible models this year.

Anhydrous formulations are ubiquitous in the cosmetics industry. They come in many formats, such as tablets, sticks, and powders.

ABC Texture showcased a new cushion thanks to its memory-shaped anhydrous texture, free of silicone. The formula has a soft-focus powder effect and has a natural origin index of at least 97%.

Global Beauty Consulting presented Luxe Pack Monaco, an anti-aging serum in a stick in partnership with Superga Beauty & Cosmogenic. This time, they explored the potential of powders in formulating anhydrous makeup products.

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Cosmetic 360 is an innovation that Keeps Beauty Brands in the market. This innovation is called “The Pulse.” The Pulse system allows customers to see the ratings of products they are using on an online platform. It also allows customers to compare and contrast different brands.

Invasive Lab has created a solid sunscreen free of chemical and water filters. This formula is safe for the marine environment and suitable for all ages starting at age three. It is lighter than liquid sunscreens and does not produce plastic waste.

Marie Pratt Cosmetics showcased their solid sunscreen stick (SPF30), free of chemical filters. The 100% natural formula is streak-free and non-greasy upon application. It can also be packaged in cardboard.

Laboratoires Paris Dome was the center of attention with a complete range of solid cosmetics: wet, dry, cold saponification, and hot pouring. Also, there were shampoo sticks, soluble creams, and shower gel.

Lyophitech’s freeze-drying solution was presented to manufacturers. This technology converts plant extracts and formulations to tablets that can be easily used and dosed.

Nuwen was the star of the show. A new format for cleansing gel, a soluble tablet, allowed reduced packaging while not compromising the product’s sensory qualities. The formula is minimalistic and very nature-based, and contains only essential ingredients. It also has no sulfate-free surfactants to provide excellent foaming effects.

Technature’s top-selling product was a hand cleaner made of solid beads. These beads melt in water and then transform into a cleansing foam. One can clean his hands with just two of these beads.

Technature also offers a red alga-formulated hydrogel stick. The ultra-fresh, film-forming effects allow for quick and precise application to the eye contour.

Cosmetics upcycling is a growing trend. Alpol Cosmetique, for example, has demonstrated that you can make skincare products using upcycled ingredients and not just active ingredients.

Portugal’s HPRD (Health Products Research and Development) showcased an exfoliant made from cherry pits, which were upcycled from the food industry byproducts.

JRS Rettenmaier, for its part, showcased a series of minimalist formulas that were free of surfactants, fragrances, and perfumes. They are appealing to the senses and based on apple byproducts for highly-recycled natural cosmetics.

Sarbec Cosmetics finally launched a natural, 100% natural cream enriched with “hyperactive” pomegranates. It has a soft and melting texture which is ideal for daily skincare.

Cosmetic 360: New Innovation Keeps Beauty Brands in the Top Ten. Cosmetic companies constantly look for new ways to innovate and keep their products in the top ten. This innovation is essential to keeping the beauty industry running smoothly and ensuring that customers are satisfied with their purchases.