Clear Motion Films Gives a Voice to People Overcoming Adversity through Video Production


Camden, New Jersey-born Rahim Handy always had a calling to stand out and make a difference in the world. Through years of exploring his passion for video production and serving in the Army Reserve, he discovered his mission: to tell stories of self-improvement and social change through Clear Motion Films, his video production company in Texas.

Clear Motion Films is dedicated to creating documentaries and commercials that capture unique stories of people who overcome adversity every day. Rahim’s mission is to give a voice to those who have none and to show the world the courage and determination of people who struggle every day to overcome hardship.

Each story is different, but they all share a common theme of resilience and overcoming obstacles. Rahim’s company has the unique ability to tell stories that touch the heart, going beyond the surface level to show the story behind the story. For him, it’s not just about what happens but about how people change their environment, their lives, and the lives of others.

As an entrepreneur, Rahim has faced many challenges, including identifying his target audience and defining his offering. However, he overcame these obstacles to deliver value to his customers, who were willing to pay for stories that truly matter. Rahim’s inspiration to get into video production came from his passion for storytelling and his love of technology. He has always kept up with the latest trends in video production technology and has been able to use this knowledge to create high-quality content that captures the hearts of his audience.

The Dream Chaser, a documentary based on the true story of a boy named Addaren Ross who was murdered seven days after his 18th birthday in Louisiana, is currently in production and is set to be Rahim’s most ambitious project yet.

Rahim’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to maintain a positive and focused mindset and to surround yourself with positive and motivating people who share the same vision and passion for the business. With the right mindset and the right support system, you can overcome any obstacle and lead your company to success.

To learn more about Rahim and Clear Motion Films, visit their website.