Choosing The Best Sublimation Printer

 The modern printing industry is a billion-dollar market. With revenue of up to US $77.7 billion a year, the market is one of the most visited markets and sublimation printing is a huge part of it. 

 Sublimation printing has truly revolutionized the printing business and its understanding has become pretty easy and readily available. With all this information available, starting a sublimation business has become a new norm. You can make a lot of profit with a well-set sublimation business. Not only everyday customers, but a lot of big companies and firms are also looking for people for sublimation setups.

 Working in this business and setting up a good platform for your business requires the best equipment and it starts with the printer. Multiple reviews on the best sublimation printer for beginners are available and will give you a proper idea about what factors to focus on as a beginner and the best printers that are available at affordable prices for beginners to start with.

What To Focus On:

There are some important factors that you definitely should look at before making a choice on your printer. Purchase with the right areas focused will end up being an incredible investment and especially for a beginner, a guide and help are essential.

  1. The Printing Quality Of The Printer:

Sublimation printer demands good quality. You will be sublimating these prints on different surfaces such as fabric, ceramic, glass, wood, etc. For this it is important that you look for a printer that can provide desirable and clean prints. Satisfying your customers is a vital aspect of a successful business. So when you are looking for a sublimation printer, check out it’s resolution which is a highly influential factor in the quality. For a better representation, you can watch online reviews of the printer.

  1. Budget & Money Factor:

Every purchase has a money factor involved in it. The pricing and the overall budget plays the most important role alongside quality. Almost everyone looks to make a purchase that can give high quality in a reasonable way. 

Having a set budget can be really helpful. You look at the market with certain aspects in your mind. You know the factors and features you should be focusing on more and with this your purchase becomes more efficient, fulfilling your needs and ends up being worth the money you spend.

The running costs are part of the long term aspect of the budget and are an important factor to consider.

3. The Accessories & Features:

When buying a printer, you need to know whether the printer has compatible accessories such as ink and paper available in the market. Plus the features and functions are also an important factor. Having a multifunctional printer that has features such as auto 2-sided printing, touchscreen, auto document feeder, high ink and paper capacity etc, is a very useful thing to have. They all together work to make your work experience better and more easy.

4. Does The Printer Suit Your Work Requirement:

Not every printer is made for business or office environments. You can use them for it but you will not get the right amount of productivity. So do keep an eye on the fact that whether the printer you are buying is strong enough to handle the work rate required for a sublimation business because at times you may have to do work at a higher rate. The ink and paper capacity can give you a good idea about this.


Talking about sublimation printers, it will be nice to provide a few recommendations. The sublimation printers are usually part of the Epson or Sawgrass Printer range. They are the premier companies when it comes to quality sublimation printers. Epson printers are originally inkjet printers that require a conversion that can be done with an easy and simple procedure.

For more options and detailed review on sublimation printers, you can visit 

  1. Epson EcoTank ET-4760:

Top quality printer for beginners. It is part of the EcoTank series and has high ink capacity and it is equipped with a high resolution. You can get great quality and efficiency with the Epson ET-4760.

  1. Epson Workforce WF-7720:

Incredible printer for high quality sublimation printing. Is equipped with a high resolution and the powerful Epson PrecisionCore technology. A great choice for beginners.

  1. Sawgrass SG-500 & SG1000:

Sawgrass produces premier sublimation printers and SG500 and SG1000 are one of the best they have to offer. They are a bit more expensive than Epson printers but they are built for sublimation printing. Both these printers are great for entry level printing.

  1. Epson EcoTank ET-2760:

This one I have included as a budget option. It is one of the cheapest printers you can use for sublimation printing. Excellent quality with a pretty reasonable price tag.

Final Words:

Sublimation printing is one the rise and it will keep on rising. It is an amazing form of printing and has a lot of uses. The results it can provide are mesmerizing and you can print a wide variety of surfaces with sublimation printing.

This incredible range is what makes it such a popular way of printing. Starting a sublimation business can turn out to be the perfect startup for a beginner and can provide you great profit.

Hopefully this article was helpful for you and for more detailed information and reviews, you can check where you will find great reviews and information about all kinds of sublimation methods and how you can sublimate on different surfaces using a simple sublimation printer.