Born in Orange, France on March 6, 1984,

Jeremy Faligand has made a name for himself in both the business and motor sports circles. His love for motor sports started at the age of 7, where he began riding motorcycles and developed a passion for the thrill of the sport. This early passion for motor sports, combined with his drive for entrepreneurship, led him to found his first company at the age of 18. Faligand is a talented entrepreneur and has led several successful companies in the field of relaxation product manufacturing since 2005. With business operations spanning multiple continents, including Europe and the United States, he has demonstrated his ability to adapt to different markets and achieve success. Despite his success in business, Faligand has also achieved success as a race car driver. He started his racing career in 2000 by participating in a quad rally and has since become a regular competitor in buggy rallies. His talent and dedication to the sport led him to win the Ultimate Cup Series Sprint Championship in GT3B in 2021, driving a Ferrari 488 Challenge with his own team SF84. In 2022, he joined the Vortex team to drive the Vortex 1.0 and repeated his success by winning the GT3B championship. Faligand’s success as a business entrepreneur and race car driver has made him a recognized leader in both spheres. He is known for his ambition, dedication, and exceptional talent. Having spent a significant portion of his life traveling between different countries, including Spain, Andorra, the United States, and the Dominican Republic, he understands the importance of exploring the world and the opportunities it presents. Overall, Jeremy Faligand is an inspiration for entrepreneurs and motor sports enthusiasts alike. He has shown that combining passion, talent, and ambition can lead to success in both business and sports.