Best Simple Scheduling Software for Maid and Cleaning Services 2021

If you still rely on printed work orders and handwritten schedules, your maid service business could use some clean up of its own. Step into the future and tidy up your act with a simple cloud-based maid service scheduling software available all over the internet and you’ll gain the ability to schedule and dispatch jobs with ease and flexibility. There is absolutely no need for great technological efforts, the ease in using can easily be a piece of cake for you and your customers as well. Say goodbye to double data entry or booking chaos.

Through the best free online appointment scheduling software available on the web browser you can access all the business data from anywhere, any time. Add scheduling, dispatching, customer management, and more without over-complicating your existing job process. Let us look into the perks of getting the best scheduling software for the maid and cleaning services.

Schedule and Dispatch Cleaning Jobs

 Running a maid service operation means you get stuck in between a lot of complicated schedules. You have to deal with recurring routes while still maintaining the flexibility to adapt as problems arise. Once you set up cleaning service software boasts a drag-and-drop scheduler that makes scheduling and rescheduling incredibly easy, no matter how hectic the day gets. Better still, changes in the schedule will show up on your employees’ mobile devices in the field.

Responsive and accessible

 These days, just about everyone has a mobile device. So, why not put all that fancy technology to work? With the responsive design of all such software, jobs can move between the office and field as soon as they get scheduled/completed. Digital forms and checklists make paperwork a breeze. Real-time tracking features on the app, let you know about the workers log exactly how much time they spend working. Once you go mobile, you’ll never go back, even for a minute.

Prepare for Service Demands

 Arm your workforce with a complete business management solution with enough flexibility and bandwidth to handle any job, at any time. Stay connected with all your workforce on the field with just one touch away. Stay on top of your schedule every day and assign a daily to-do list to your team so that the work gets progressed.

Deliver Exceptional Service

 Give your cleaners the on-site tools to improve service quality and easily meet customer expectations. Cut off the chaos while bookings are made through the online platform by asking your customers to give details about the services they require. Next time your workers are going to them they don’t need to search for the address all they have to do is check out their account.

Deliver a Tailored Service Experience

 Provide customers with streamlined processes for invoicing, payment, and self-scheduling everything under one platform that eases up a lot of manual work that you had to do previously.

You can cut down on your admin staff costs by using a scheduling and management software that helps to make admin work highly manageable, radically reducing the amount of time and energy you need to put in. It is so effective that you might not even need to hire admin staff if your business is smaller.

With the right scheduling software, your workforce stays organized. Boost up your productivity by cutting down on phone calls back to the office and equip your team with all the information they need to do the job right, access job and customer info, fill out your job forms, track time and work in the field, know the details about your next appointment and send out reminders to all your customers and workforce about their upcoming appointment.

Picktime is one such scheduling software that is accessible through the web browser via any device. Sign up for free and register your business with zero installation charges or premium memberships



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