5 Best Pool Designs from Burleigh Pools Swimming Pool Contractors That Suit Your House

Swimming pools are an amazing addition to any property. When you have a swimming pool, you can relax in privacy or have parties and get-togethers with your friends and family whenever you want. 

However, many people refrain from building a swimming pool due to misconceptions that it will be expensive or that the property is too small to have a pool in it. But in reality, Burleigh Pools Swimming Pool Contractors can make affordable pools in any residential or official setting, and it will only add value to your property. 

The experienced pool builders can understand the landscape and suggest beautiful designs that will serve the purpose and look aesthetic at the same time. You can also visit Burleigh Pools on Facebook and stay connected to get updated about what’s going on there. 

To give you a better idea, let’s look at the top 5 pool designs of swimming pools that can be custom-made to suit any property type.  

1. Geometric Pools

Geometric swimming pools are always a perfect fit, regardless of the nature of your property. These pools are constructed in geometrical shapes such as a rectangle, square, triangle, oval, or circular, and they often consist of straight edges and sharp lines. Due to its geometric structure, you can make changes to the design or upgrade the pool later, and it will still look perfect.

A geometric pool design looks professional and classic at the same time, and when complemented with additional features like tile patterns, lightings, step varieties, and water features, the beauty of the pool is simply unmatched. 

2. Freeform Pools

Freeform pools, as the name suggests, are randomly shaped swimming pools. They give out a natural pond-like essence and would be a perfect addition to your backyard. 

Due to its random-type shape, it can be made to suit any place that doesn’t have an orderly arrangement. Freeform pools look casual and are perfect for homes, hotels, and beachside inns. The beauty of these pools is increased further when lined with artificial rocks and natural-looking fountains.

3. Lap Pools

Lap pools are usually rectangular shaped and have a long narrow structure. These pools were initially made for health and fitness purposes, but they are now used in a variety of settings. These pools are perfect for residential places that have a narrow lot of space. 

You can use these pools for fitness, swimming, relaxing, or having quality time with your loved one. Lap pools have a classy look, especially when bordered with lights.  

4. Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are perfect for residential settings that have limited space. A typical plunge pool is somewhere around 4 to 6 meters in length, up to 3 meters wide, and has a depth of up to 1.2 meters. However, professional contractors can make a plunge pool of any size you require. 

Plunge pools make it possible to enjoy all the benefits of having a pool at a much lower cost than the traditional pool. It looks aesthetic and adds value to your property, which is a great benefit, especially when the property is small in size. 

5. Spa Pools

For years spa pools were considered a luxury item, but the fact is that it can suit any residential setting as well. Spa pools are just normal swimming pools attached with hot water systems and water jets to offer a relaxing experience. You can also convert an existing pool into a spa pool and enjoy cooling off at your pool with friends and family.

There are also several health benefits of having a spa pool at your property. Studies show that regular time in the spa pool helps in stress relief, better sleep, muscle relaxation, pain relief, calorie burn, and numerous other health benefits. 

So having a spa pool is surely a great choice, even if you already have a swimming pool at your property. The health benefits attached to it will improve your health and will also greatly add value to your property. 

How to Locate the Best Swimming Pool Contractors?

If you are looking for expert swimming pool builders, you can search online and find service providers in your area. 

Reliable service providers have a vast amount of experience in the field, and their past works express everything about the quality they offer. You must discuss all your requirements and visions about your swimming pool and choose the service provider who best understands your idea. 


With the above discussion, it is clear that swimming pools are no longer luxury items made for mansions and hotels. Anyone can have a beautiful pool at their house if they have the service of award-winning  Burleigh Pools 

So search online now for the best swimming pool builder in your area and contact them now to start building your swimming pool. Also, stay connected to Burleigh Pools on Facebook for updates and news.