5 Ways a B2B Sales & Marketing Platform Can Enable Sales Acceleration

The shift towards all-digital B2B sales and marketing platforms and operations has created unique challenges for sales and marketing people; how can they build authentic engagement without spending a fortune doing prospect-related research? On top of that, since prospects are more ‘problem and solution aware’ than ever and complete 75% of the buying journey themselves, how do sales and marketing people manage to capture prospects’ attention and close deals?

A powerful and innovative sales and marketing automation platform could set the stage for success for sellers and marketers. It can make the sales and marketing workflows more adaptive and responsive to the evolving industry needs and customer preferences. In this, we’ll discuss the must-have features of a next-generation B2B sales and marketing platform that can empower sales and marketing people to achieve unprecedented engagement rates and win more deals:  

Campaign Individualization

Since prospects are doing their research before reaching out to marketing and salespeople, they are well aware of their pain points. Therefore, buyers expect sellers to address their specific pain points and suggest plausible solutions. According to Sleek note, “About 76 percent of B2B buyers now expect more personalized content from solution providers based on their specific needs.” However, understanding prospects’ challenges and personalizing messaging might require hundreds of hours of research time and valuable resources.

A sales and marketing automation platform can resolve these challenges for sales and marketing people. A tool that offers intelligent personality-related insights can empower salespeople to rapidly understand prospects’ mindsets, needs, and buying behaviors. This can further enable salespeople to approach the prospects with confidence, tweak campaigns to match their personalities, and increase engagement rates.

Similarly, xiQ is a B2B marketing platform that offers access to prospects’ ‘1st party intent data.’ It incorporates keywords and topics that prospects are talking about in the public domain. By knowing the exact keywords, sales and marketing people can understand prospects’ pain points in real-time and create value-driving campaigns at unprecedented speed. Such tools can enable sales and marketing people to save hundreds of research time and cut costs.

Rapid and Bespoke Content Development

Content development is the hardest, longest, and most expensive part of the marketing cycle. Marketing and salespeople spend long cycles conceiving, designing, and executing marketing campaigns. Developing these campaigns can further take between 3-and 6 months. All of this effort can go to waste in terms of both time and costs if campaigns don’t deliver the desired results.

A marketing tool that automates content development can be a game-changer for marketers. However, to develop bespoke content with agility, marketers must have access to prospects’ intent data and relevant, latest news in real-time. Only then, marketers can produce relevant, crisp content that can drive results.

Marketers must look for a next-generation marketing tool with these capabilities to deliver fresh content with regular frequency. They can combine prospects’ intent data and real-time news to produce fresh articles or digests. This can enable them to emerge as subject matter experts and build trust with prospects seamlessly. It can also cut down content production and distribution time by as much as 90%.   

An All-in-One Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is one of the most reliable engagement strategies for marketers. People check and engage with their emails regularly and therefore emails have generally higher open and click rates than other mediums. Emails are also affordable and prospect engagement is easier to measure. However, personalizing and developing an email workflow can be challenging for marketers.

A marketing automation tool that offers end-to-end email campaign execution from list management to personalization can create engaging campaigns within minutes. Such a tool can enable sales and marketing people to create PDFs and RSS and publish them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media channels with agility.

Marketers should look for a tool that also offers prospects’ personality insights while drafting emails. It can enable sales and marketing people to change their tone, language, and messaging to suit their prospects’ needs and preferences. For example, a person with a dominant personality might prefer articulate reads filled with facts, statistics, and overarching stories. Such suggestions can enable marketing people to achieve up to ten times higher engagement than without them. 

Seamless Navigation of Buying Groups

B2B buying decisions are increasingly being made in groups. There are more than six people involved in making a critical decision according to Gartner. And individuals within each group have different roles to play with respect to making the decision.

Understanding the buying group dynamics and personalizing messaging to suit each individual’s preferences and mindsets can be very challenging. A reliable sales and marketing platform can help sellers and marketers combat this challenge.

It can offer critical personality-related insights and other suggestions that can help sales and marketing people understand each individual’s specific role within a buying group. In this way, marketers and sellers can easily build trust with each individual within a group and accelerate sales.

Intelligent Analytics

No matter how much time and effort marketers may put into a campaign, it will all go to waste if they don’t have a reliable tool to measure its performance. And reliable marketing and sales platform goes far beyond typical open and click rates. It offers lead scoring built into the system and intent data related to each prospect. These powerful and intelligent insights give marketers an edge over their competition.

Sales and marketing people can then use these insights to individualize campaigns and messaging for each buyer. Tracking the performance of these campaigns through the platform’s engagement. Analytics also enables sales and marketing people to make timely decisions regarding both buyers and content.  


To keep pace with the rapidly changing B2B climate, marketers and sellers must accelerate. Their workflows and operations to win prospects’ trust and close more deals. Sellers and marketers must invest in a cutting-edge B2 B marketing platform. That resolves sellers’ and marketers’ pressing challenges and automates crucial tasks. This can enable sellers and marketers to convert pipelines faster, build trusted relationships with prospects. Improve efficiency across the infrastructure, and stay ahead of the competitors.