Australia Travel Tips: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Australia

If you ask an international traveler about their experience of Australia trip to travel, the answer will be always “it’s amazing”.  Australia is one of the most upgraded countries full of awesome beaches, parks, aquariums, and many more attractive places. Every traveler has a dream of a wanderlust trip to Australia.

So, if you are the one among them, read our top seven tips before leaving for Australia.

1.      Diversity in Australian Weather

Like the European and North American summer, Australian summer is not so comfortable. From December to March, it’s quite hot in Australia. The temperature often exceeds 35 degrees Celsius in summer season. So, if you are planning your trip in summer don’t forget to pack essential things like, hat, shorts, t-shirts, sunscreen, sunglasses, aloe vera oil, etc.

In some parts you may experienced a heavy rain in the same season. So, carrying a light weighted rain jacket is another safe option. However, if you are planning your trip then consider April/ May or October/November to experience a joyful weather in Australia.

2.  Australia is a Bit Expensive Country

Allot a minimum 100-200 USD per day for hotel rent, food and other things. Though transportation is not included in this budget. It depends on the medium you like to travel. Here are some tips for saving money in your Australia trip:

  • Consider Airbnb or other alternative B&B run by families. It will cost you almost half than hotel. Especially, if you are travelling with friends or your partner then this is the best option.
  • Buy hop off bus pass instead of buying tickets every time. Otherwise, you can choose train to explore the whole Australia.
  • Cook your food when in B&B, otherwise it will cost much for the whole day feeding.

3.  Australian English is a bit different

There is a bit difference in Australian English and American English. Some shortened word can create the confusion. For instance,

  • Australian calls flip-flop as thongs.
  • Petrol as Gas.
  • Trunk as boot.
  • Peepers as Capsicums.

Check an Australian to American online dictionary to know the maximum differences.

4.  You don’t need to add a tip Everywhere

Tipping in hotel, bus or other places is not a common thing in Australia. Than any other countries in the world, Australian Government has a strict rule of paying a significant wage per day. So, you don’t need to worry about that.

5.  Don’t ignore the health

Not only for the Australia trip, a new environment is not easy to adopt quickly. Especially some things like the sunrays in Australia is stronger than other countries. New foods and weather can cause some allergic reaction. So, don’t forget to carry some useful medicines, sunscreen, sunglass & aloe vera oil with you.

End Note:

Hope these tips will help you in your upcoming Australia trip. The most important part before leaving for the trip is to buy best travel accessories Australia and organize your backpack properly. Be safe and happy journey.