All ways to get Maltese nationality

The Republic of Malta, located in southern Europe, attracts not only tourists but also migrants who seek to move with their families to the EU country for a more comfortable life, work, and study. They like not only beautiful ecology, mild climate, and picturesque nature but also a decent standard of living, security, and excellent conditions for developing their own business. Membership in the European Union gives certain advantages and motivates wealthy people from different countries to look for the best ways to move to the exotic island.

What is Maltese Nationality?

This status opens the way for foreigners to study, do business, live in a developed economic zone, and visit more than 180 countries without a visa. There are at least 5 ways to get Malta passport:

  • by investment program;
  • by origin;
  • by birth;
  • by marriage to a Maltese;
  • by naturalization.

Let’s take a closer look at the listed ways to legally immigrate and get Malta citizenship together with your family and decide which one to choose in your case.

By investment

The easiest way for foreigners to obtain local Nationality is through investments. You can invest money in a private organization, in the purchase of real estate, or a National Foundation account. The amount of investment is from 690,000 euros. It is also allowed to rent premises for up to 3 years for at least 12000 euros. Within the program’s framework, it will be necessary to pay various charges, contributions, and fees for yourself and relatives, which are included in the application.

A potential investor must meet these requirements:

  • be of legal age;
  • be a trustworthy citizen of the country: no criminal record, no sanctions;
  • demonstrate the legality and stability of his income;
  • prove willingness to invest the above amount in the Republic’s economy;
  • provide reliable information about himself and his relatives.

If you are wealthy, you can safely choose this path and will have a high probability of getting approval and coveted status.

By Descent

Anyone born before 21.09.1964 or a descendant of Maltese and can prove it can apply for citizenship by descent or anyone whose parents were born on the island or whose mother is a Maltese by birth, registration, or naturalization. A former Maltese citizen who is not currently a citizen of Malta can also renew his status. The processing time is the same as for citizenship by birth.

By Birth

Maltese citizenship by birth is stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic on 21.09.1964. Previously, the constitution stated that anyone born on the island was a citizen of Malta. But those born on or after August 1, 1989, become full citizens if one of the parents was a citizen of Malta by birth or naturalization.    

This right extends to newborns found abandoned anywhere in the island nation and recognized as stateless.

To obtain citizenship through this option, the applicant’s identity card, birth certificates of the applicant and his parents, parents’ marriage certificate, and, if necessary, a passport are required. You can apply at the nearest Maltese embassy or consulate without traveling to the island. According to Immigrant Invest specialists, the procedure can take from six months to two years.

By Marriage

Marriage to a Maltese citizen also opens the way to obtaining a local passport. It gives the right to live on the territory of the Republic without a visa and to conduct business without an additional work permit. However, you must have been married for at least five years to obtain official status. Even after the divorce or death of your spouse, if you have lived together for more than five years, you can apply for local citizenship, especially if there are children born on the island. However, having children does not speed up the procedure. You should remember that fictitious unions in the island state are considered a crime. There is a large fine or imprisonment of two years for this.     

By Naturalization

Obtaining Maltese nationality by naturalization is the longest process. It can take up to seven years. If you have lived in the country for four years or six years and have not left the country for ten months during this period, you are allowed to apply under this program.

The applicant must also have written guarantees from several Maltese citizens, local health insurance, prove a stable legal income, and successfully pass language, history, and law examinations.   

Two guarantors who are not members of the applicant’s family and who hold positions of status in the Republic are required for an application to get Malta nationality by naturalization.


Now that you know the ways to obtain Malta citizenship and have chosen one of them, you should take care of the legal side of the issue and prepare the necessary documents. Consultation at a migration agency will help, where specialists will provide information support and accompany the applicant at every stage. According to Vladlena Baranova, an investment program expert, contacting migration managers helps significantly simplify the process and make your path to new citizenship easier and shorter. A promising future and brilliant opportunities for a comfortable and interesting life on an exotic island are much closer than you think. You just need to turn to professionals in their field and enjoy the process, because this way you can be sure of a 100% result. And all because the experts are familiar with all the subtleties and nuances, which helps to speed up the resolution of the issue.


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