Aiming to take over the world of music, enter promising music talent Chitranshi Dhyani.

The young and tenacious professional is looking forward to releasing bangers in different genres to serve listeners with something new and exciting.

In the end, what people remember about success stories is how well individuals remained persistent and resilient in their journeys. It is always the hard work that speaks about these individuals, they say, but a few experts are also of the opinion that it is also the positive mental attitude that helps them traverse their way to the top in their respective industries. Some people have made the most of these traits and qualities, which has what thrust them forward to the forefront of their niches, like true-blue professionals. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such self-driven and confident professional is Chitranshi Dhyani in music.

People have known how daunting and challenging it can get for people to enter and thrive in an industry like music; still, a few risk-takers believing in their innate skills and talents, jumped into the same with the aim to make their name prominent. Chitranshi Dhyani has been among them, who was well aware of how tough it could get for her, but she still chose to get into the music world with her genuine intent to come up with tracks that could easily relate to people. This is how she went ahead in becoming the singer she is today, after acing the game in modelling, and acting, and even in social media.

She is a Roorkee native who now resides in Delhi and, at 24 years of age, has already attracted a lot of attention towards her craft as a music artist and a creator on social media. “Shaqi Balma” became her debut track in 2021, and since, she has never looked back. After this song with ace singer Salman, she has only been focusing her energies on the many new projects she is looking forward to working on, which include 2-3 songs from different genres.

Chitranshi Dhyani (@chitranshi_dhyani) is now signed with OSM Records, owned by Himanshu Shekhar and Manpreet Kaur, and now can’t wait to release many more incredible new tracks for listeners and music lovers.