Joel Albrizio: Bringing Facilities to One’s Doorstep

The beverage and food industry is one of the most diverse markets when it comes to companies operating digitally. It ranges from the biggest brands worldwide to successful restaurant chains and fast-food outlets. Whether these companies work at a local or national level, they provide an essential service. But there is only so much attention food and beverage vendors can capture if they aren’t using digital advertising to draw traffic to their food business. They can be quickly left behind. 

In recent years, the development of digital marketing has made everything virtual, and the food industry is no exception. Food service industry representatives found that digital marketing tools and techniques can be very useful and productive for their business. As people tend to spend a lot of time on social media, they like reading about food (and its reviews!) too. And food service industry dealers use this fact to interest their customers and engage new ones. 

In this day and age, potential customers face no difficulty finding customer reviews about a certain food service organization. And due to digital marketing, where customer interaction is very direct, restaurants have an opportunity to improve their service quality. 

With this idea, Joel Albrizio, born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1957, founded Bad-Adz Digital. Aware of his passion for marketing, he entered Massachusetts College of Art and Design to complete a bachelor’s degree in design and marketing. 

Albrizio is an American businessman with digital marketing and photography licensing companies in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His marketing career spans forty years. He always believed that combining digital platforms and creative photography and video would bring retailers unsurpassed success.

Through his continuous efforts, he founded different companies, including J.M. Albrizio Inc. in 1978, Top Supplements Online in 2006, Adlife Marketing & Communication in 1992, Prepared Food Photos Inc. in 2006, and Bad-Adz Inc. in 2017. 

All these corporate entities have now been consolidated into Bad-Adz Inc. & Prepared Food Photos Inc. Bad-Adz Digital aims to target as many audiences for food stores as possible. It sends advertising email about different restaurants or grocery stores to consumers in areas its clients are aiming to focus on,  targeted by ZIP code. This increases their clients’ reach. 

Prepared Food Photos is a privately owned food library. With its custom photography, supermarket retailers have the opportunity to buy photographs and display them in advertisement for their signature items. 

Albrizio always wanted to innovate and start something new. His passion drove the idea to work on areas of marketing that had never been tried before. With this drive, he brought digital facilities to the attention of several food stores. Bad-Adz takes immense pride in strengthening customer services for its clients by correctly marketing them to consumers. 

Albrizio always believed that brands could get outstanding recognition by using digital platforms for advertising. Bad-Adz excels at using these platforms to advertise their clients products and services. 

Bad-Adz also curates engaging email marketing that builds the basket sizes of its clients. The company customizes emails with recipe videos to encourage shoppers to buy more. It also facilitates customers’ grocery plans for the week, along with tips on how to save. The company has also introduced a Bad-Adz Launch Pad, facilitating customer education about store locations and services.

Albrizio has been quite successful in engaging people with the food industry. He has brought a revolution to the digital industry by helping a vast network of clientele broaden their reach and heighten their online presence.