Affordable Greenhouse Construction in Kenya by Grekkon Limited

Greenhouse construction in Kenya involves the construction of both wooden greenhouses and metallic greenhouses for the purpose for crop production. It is a very lucrative venture with very high income returns for the farmer. Grekkon Limited carries out construction of these greenhouses at affordable prices. 

Grekkon Limited  Wooden greenhouses are constructed using locally available poles that can be bought or provided by the farmer. Our poles are treated using wood preservatives to ensure they last long. Our metallic greenhouses are constructed using pure galvanized steel or coated to prevent the metal from rusting. 

All our greenhouses are well ventilated to allow free flow of air. Ventilation also ensures there is no buildup of pests and diseases that will affect the final yield. This is done by erecting side curtains or roll up which is opened during the day when it’s hot and closed in the evening when temperatures are low.  It is made in such a way that there is a net on the inside to allow air in while at the same time preventing insect pests from getting inside. Visit Home Depot Online

Cost of greenhouse construction

The cost of  Grekkon  greenhouse construction will depend on the material used and the workmanship behind the construction. Generally, wooden greenhouses are cheaper than metallic greenhouses. Metallic greenhouses are however more durable. 

Components of Grekkon greenhouse kit 

  • Structure: This includes the skeleton either wooden or metallic
  • Drip Irrigation kit complete with drip lines, all connectors and filtration system
  • Entry pouch which has disinfectants. It also acts a temporary storage area.
  • Sand, cement and ballast to hold the poles firmly onto the ground.
  • Nails (mainly for wooden greenhouses)
  • Insect netting for side netting
  • 200 microns greenhouse polythene cover that is UV treated.

Grekkon Limited’s greenhouses are made to maximize your yield and increase your returns.