9 Simple and Effective Tips for Increasing Productivity at Work

Creativity cancels out boredom. Unfortunately, not every job in the workplace calls for you to bring out your inner Van Gogh.

If you’re struggling to stay focused in the office, here are 9 tips for increasing productivity.

1. Go to Sleep

Binging your favorite show on a weeknight is one surefire way to rob you of much needed hours of sleep. Set a sleep timer on your phone to help you get in bed at a decent hour each night. 

Your brain needs the rest to properly reset for the next day. 

2. Create a Morning Routine

The next common distraction on your journey to productivity is rushing. Rushing around in the morning can lead to anxiety that continues throughout the day.

Keep your morning routine simple and easy so you can have a clear head when you enter the office in the mornings. 

3. Stock Up on Supplies

This is a simple tip but an effective one. Searching around for white-out in the middle of preparing a document is an unnecessary distraction.

Stock up on supplies to keep within an arm’s reach so you’re not distracted by small administrative needs during the day. 

4. Block Social Media

No one likes to admit their addiction to social media. But it’s a very real distraction plaguing workplaces around the globe.

The easiest way to block social media, if your IT department hasn’t already taken this step, is to use an app that tracks your usage. These apps block the website or app on your phone once you’ve exceeded a certain time limit. 

5. Don’t Multitask

Studies show that multitasking actually makes you less effective. Because you’re not devoting your undivided attention to each task, you’re getting less done than if you were to focus on one task at a time. 

Avoid multitasking when possible. 

6. Get Work Done Early

Another way rushing can bring on unneeded anxiety is through procrastination. Many people claim to get a burst of inspiration from doing things last minute.

But adrenaline and innovation aren’t the same things. It’s a good idea to get work done early so you have time to go through multiple drafts to produce your best version of your work. 

7. Clean Up Clutter

Increasing productivity is easy when you can find the items on your desk you need to work on. Clutter is the enemy of focus.

Take time at the end of each day to organize the mess on your desk or use a mount so you can retrieve information with ease. You’ll feel more in charge of your workspace and in charge of your performance. 

8. Take Regular Breaks

Don’t overwork your brain by staying on a task too long. Break up tasks into 20-minute work sessions with ten-minute breaks in between. 

9. Increasing Productivity at Home

Working from home can be the ultimate distraction if you don’t have a designated work area. Set aside space or room where you can work undisturbed from family, roommates, or pets. 

Being More Productive

Increasing productivity doesn’t happen overnight. You might take several iterations of creating a daily routine before you find a system that works for you.

Stay the course and you’ll see your performance improving at work in no time. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.