Instagram Engagement Down? Here’s How to Outsmart the Algorithm and Fix It

It’s time to face facts: if your business isn’t on Instagram, you’re turning away free money. With the heavy shift in Instagram’s algorithm towards business promotion and commodification, tons of companies have turned to the site for their advertising.

But as simple as it seems to get the algorithm to put your company front and center, sometimes you fall in between the cracks. And with thousands of companies posting on Instagram daily, that fall can mean the difference between life and death. So what do you do?

Well, you’re in luck. Is your Instagram engagement down? We’re here to give you our guide to fixing the problem.

But enough talk! Let’s do this thing.

Innovative Features

Look, eventually, everyone runs out of ideas for clever Instagram posts. If that’s the case, use the perks the site offers to give your posts some extra spice and capture consumer’s attention. For example, you can use the Countdown Sticker feature to give countdown clocks for new product launches or proms, building hype for your product before it’s even released.

Another tool you can use is the Question Sticker, which lets you ask your followers about what they want to see from your company. Getting this kind of instant feedback is essential for keeping your consumer base happy.

Finally, try using different filters to add a little visual flair to your posts.

Know What to Avoid

To keep engagement up, knowing what not to do in your posts is as important as what you should put in. One example of this comes with shadowban hashtags. These hashtags got flagged by the site for being spam or inappropriate, and your post will get demoted by the site for including these hashtags. Learning what hashtags are shadowbanned keeps you from shooting yourself in the proverbial foot.

On the subject of hashtags, keep your use of them in moderation and stay away from ones from over-used or outdated ones. You should also take a look at what your consumer base likes so you know if your company message is aligned with their viewpoints. Otherwise, you will lose them along the way regardless of content quality.

Keep Things Fresh

Something else that helps to grab viewers to your posts is swapping up your post formats. Try experimenting with longer captions, or swap your photos to short videos detailing an interview or product display.

Varying up your post frequency is also a good idea. While the common trend is to flood your social media with posts, that can make them seem low-effort and passion-less. If you reduce the frequency a little (think every 36 hours or so), you might find your posts are of better quality and attract more attention.

Instagram Engagement Down? Buff Your Numbers

Sometimes, all the tips in the world won’t help. When that happens, you can always contact companies to help give your Instagram stats a boost to get you back on the “front page”. To learn how to get free Instagram likes, do some research around the Web and see what you dig up.

Popularity Paradise

So is your Instagram engagement down? Well, now that you have this guide, it won’t be down long so you can ride the social media waves to the big leagues! And for more information on the latest trends in business and social media, make sure to check out the other posts on our blog!