8 Tips and Tricks for a Better Move

Moving is associated with a lot of effort in many ways. It can take a lot of time until everything is where it should be. Don’t panic: We have collected many tips for you on the subject of moving and storage so that you can get into your new location quickly and, above all, in an orderly manner.

Let the furniture movers in Chicago know if you are moving

Furniture movers in Chicago can help pack and store some of your packaging when you announce your move. Office movers are always there and ready to help on the day of the move or even to set up a private no-parking zone. 

Plan enough time

Since packing the moving items takes a lot of time, you should start packing the moving boxes about two weeks before moving. It should take about a month from the first contact with the moving company to the actual move. It would be best if you had this for the correspondence that you now have to deal with. There are so-called checklists. Call relocation movers in Chicago for instructions so that nothing is forgotten. 

Use moving boxes and packaging material optimally

For a move to go smoothly, it is essential to pack your moving goods properly, but this takes time. If it is a one-off move and no new move is planned in the long term, it is worth renting moving boxes. Skilled furniture movers can estimate how many boxes you need. Therefore, it is essential to arrange an appointment with the office movers to view your office and the entire inventory.

It is essential to put heavy things on the floor first, and then put the lighter stuff on top. For transporting very fragile goods, such as glasses or other fragile items, there are special cardboard boxes that prevent the glasses from colliding and optimally protecting them.

It is also important not to fill the moving boxes too hard

Otherwise, there is a risk of tearing! The load capacity of a box should therefore not be exceeded. The size of the boxes should also be the same. This makes the subsequent stacking of the moving boxes easier. Each box should be labeled with the contents packed in and space and importance. The most important boxes should be at the top as they empty first. 

Consider parking facilities

The move requires a lot of strength and energy. That is why the distances that have to be covered when moving should be kept as short as possible. This can be achieved with a no-parking zone. We are professional furniture movers in Chicago and will take care of the marking and registration of a no-parking zone for you. 

Plan the move without friends

If you are planning to move with friends, this project can also fail quickly. Moving takes a lot of time and effort, and reasonable payment is only justified. Plan your move with professional relocation movers in Chicago; if more help the better. We do not recommend planning a move with family and friends. There is a significant risk that too many will jump off, and the move cannot be carried out as planned. 

Accept professional help and stay calm

A move is unfortunately not only accomplished with packing moving boxes. It is a heavy burden. Moving can be a reason of stress for most of the people who are busy. Professional office movers, therefore, stand by their customers. 

Find the right solution for you

Hire professional relocation movers in Chicago so that you can leave the work to the moving company because planning the move takes a lot of time. Trust in the tips, especially the number of moving boxes and the furniture’s optimal arrangement in the new office. 

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact furniture movers in Chicago. We are leading office movers also furniture movers in Chicago and happy to advise you on all your questions about your move.