7 Set Builder and Interval Notation ideas

Get the better concept about the mathematical terms in order to master them gracefully! If you are much confused about what interval notation is and how to write interval notation, then you are at the right place. It is massively necessary to determine the base about this concept and to comprehend it better with the help of examples. Interval notation calculator is the digital approach that intends to provide valuable and accurate calculation of the interval notation. Let us find out about 7 set builder and interval notation ideas:

Set Builder Notation:

If you want to state the particular group of numbers then you can do so with use of set builder notation. It is just like shorthand writing but here it belongs to math so it is regarded as mathematical shorthand. Here, the following specific letters describe the specific attributes:

  • Q = it represents the set of rational numbers
  • N = it represents the set of natural numbers
  • R = is indicted the set of real numbers
  • Z = it indicates the set of integers

When there is a collection of numbers then it is known as a set. For instance, {2, 4, 7, 9, 14} is a set having a list of numbers in it. Set builder notation is the method to describe the set. Interval notation calculator is quite easy to use. User has to enter the inequality in the calculator to get the interval notation of it.

Examples of Set Builder Notation:

  • { -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, …}

Set builder notation will define the above set as {x / x ≥ -6}

  • Set of odd numbers

Set builder notation will present it as {x / x = 2n + 1}, here n indicates towards the integer

  • Set of even numbers

Set builder notation will define it as {x / x = 2n}

Here, n is the integer.

  • Set builder notation of integers where all the numbers of the set are multiple of five

{x / x = 5n}

  • x > 9

It can be represented as { x / x > 9}

Here, you performed a set building of it considering x is the real number.

Interval Notation:

It finds similarity with the set builder notation. In the interval notation, the mathematicians has to define or reflect the value of the number which falls between the range having two endpoints. Interval notation examples will optimize the concept for the students to understand it better.


For instance, if we consider the set -3≤x≤2 then it contains two endpoints which are 2 and -3. Now, focus on this {x∈ℝ|-3≤x≤2} and solve it through the interval notation. It would represent that value of x is found anywhere between the endpoints of -3 and 2.


Using parentheses or rectangular brackets work for writing the intervals. Lower bound or least element appear at left side while upper bound or greatest element appears at right side.

test element or upper bound. Interval notation calculation provides the accurate calculations for the value of x within the least possible time.

Interval Notation Calculator:

Math students having trouble in solving the questions of interval notation can get assistance from the interval notation calculator. Open up the online calculator which merely demands the internet connection and nothing else. Using it is entirely free of cost and you do need to spend any penny on this. Here you are required to enter the intervals through the enclosure into the brackets. Ensure to use a comma between both higher and lower values.

In the interval notation calculator, you get the opportunity to select the category of x. The options include even, odd or prime and hence you may choose the one suitable to you as per your mathematical question.