7 Crazy Ways to Entertain Your Family This Summer

One of the most fun, rewarding parts of summer is spending time with your family. However, all that fun and laughter can sometimes be tough to find when you’re trying to keep the kids busy and entertained. So how can you keep your family occupied, happy, and entertained? Every day might not be summer vacation, but you can always find something fun to do at home. Here are some great ideas for things to do this summer:

1. Organize a Family Game Night Marathon

Family game nights are great because they are a great way to get the whole family involved, no work is required, and it can be an opportunity to showcase special talents. To organize a board games or video games marathon and make a night of it. For something fun to do with the kids, look into local events with children’s activities put on by local organizations.

2. Plan a River Rafting Trip

For a fun vacation, put together a river rafting trip with the whole family. Or, if that’s not something you can commit to, organize a day of white water rafting. Rent out a raft or make your own by tying together some sheets and jumping in. Make sure you bring plenty of food, drink, and sunscreen for everyone to enjoy.

3. Visit a State Park

From hiking trails to swimming holes, parks offer an abundance of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy all summer long. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at your local state park. You might want to call ahead for days and open activities, hours, and prices.

4. Go to the Movies

An affordable way to spend time with your kids is to take them out to the movies. Not only will you be able to give them a great experience, but you’ll get some time to yourself as well. When you’re out and about, check out the independent films section because they often have kid-friendly movies.

5. Go to the Water Park

Take your kids to the water park and enjoy some time in the sun while they splash around in a pool and go down slides. There are many great things to do at water parks; you will never be bored, but be sure your family is dressed for comfort: sunscreen, towels, and swimsuits.

6. Play Board Games

Kids love to play board games, so take them to a local game store and stock up on some old favorites like Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, Clue, etc. If you’re lucky enough to live near a public library with an extensive game collection, you can borrow some to play at home.

7. Organize a Family Game Night Bash

Have everyone bring a board game to your house and set aside an evening for everyone to play some of their favorites. If you like, you can even host a family party and let everyone bring their favorite board games to play.

In conclusion, summer can be the best time to do something that you love. If you have children, they are a great source of entertainment, so put them to work. Plan outings and trips all summer long with your family and friends.