7 Best Beer Making Kits of 2022 That Will Turn You into a Brewmaster

If you want to impress your friends with a useful and original gift or open a new page in your life, buy a beer making kit from Beverage Craft. Homemade beer has a special aroma and taste. In addition, you can always experiment with home beer brewing and try different recipes creating bouquets of unforgettable taste.

The beer making equipment comes with all the necessary ingredients and instructions that will allow you to brew your first batch of beer with your own hands. You can purchase the most basic home brew supplies for beginners and advanced kits for experienced brewers. Make your own beer with your signature taste, and maybe someday you will want to share your talents with others and open a mini-pub with advanced beer equipment from Beverage Craft.

Best Home Beer Making Kits

When choosing a  beer making kit, consider your brewing experience, as well as the volume of products you intend to produce. Beverage Craft offers only the best equipment from world famous companies. Therefore, you can be sure that the quality of any product is 100%.

Diablo IPA – Mr Beer

Great beer brewing starter kit for exotic beer lovers:

  • full production cycle – 3-4 weeks
  • short brewing process: only half an hour
  • reusable equipment
  • preparation of 2 liters of beer per brew batch

American Lager – Mr Beer

Do you love American classics and think that brewing traditions select and preserve only the best recipes? Then choose the American Lager beer brewing starter kit. It has the same production cycle as the Diablo IPA set. Easy-to-use reusable equipment will ensure that all steps are completed accurately. The reward will be the amazing taste and sharpness of an unfading classic of American beer.

Session Long Play IPA – Mr Beer

This option for both beginners and more experienced brewers includes a complete set. In addition to all the equipment necessary for a full production cycle, 11 unbreakable bottles are included, which can be used to carbonate beer. The flavor bouquet of beer that you brew with the included ingredients will delight even the most experienced beer connoisseurs:

  • exquisite floral aroma
  • pleasant flavor of golden caramel
  • intense bitter aftertaste

Northwest Pale Ale – Mr Beer

Lovers of woody-hop aroma of beer should pay attention to this best home brewing kit. In the kit you will receive ingredients for the production of craft Australian beer Coopers. The volume of one party is 2 gallons. Full production cycle is 3-4 weeks.

Bruxelles Blonde Beer 

The best beer making kit by Bruxelles is ideal for those who are just starting to brew beer at home. The end product yield of this equipment is slightly less than 1 gallon of beer. However, be sure that it will have the excellent taste guaranteed by Bruxelles.

Simcoe Single Hop IPA

By buying this quality beer brewing equipment, you will get 10 bottles of light Indian beer in one brew. Bright coniferous taste and alcohol strength of 6% will provide an exciting pastime with friends.

Coopers DIY Homebrew 6 Gallon Beer Kit

The most luxurious homemade beer kit will allow you to produce 6 gallons of beer per brew. With such equipment, you will be able to provide the most delicious Coopers-quality whole malt beer not only to yourself but also to your friends and neighbors.

Make Your Own Beer Kit 

When you master the simplest methods of making beer at home, you can assemble your own unique set. You can find all the necessary elements for the assembly of an easy home brew kit in a wide range in the Beverage Craft online store. Whatever volume of beer you plan to produce, online store consultants will help you choose the highest quality components for brew your own beer kit.

What is Beverage Craft? Helping Enjoy Life with Only the Best Grafted Drinks 

Whatever your connection with the production or sale of beer, at Beverage Craft you will find everything you need, from coolers to beer tap handles. The presented products may be of interest to:

  • independent home brewers
  • breweries producing beer on a commercial scale
  • pub and restaurant owners
  • organizers of festivals and parties

Delivery of equipment is possible both within Canada and the USA, as well as to other countries. Democratic prices will please all beer lovers, and regular sales and promotional codes will allow you to assemble your own unique beer set at the lowest price. Significant savings are also possible on bulk purchases and free delivery of a number of goods that participate in a special program. Keep a close eye on website updates, so you don’t miss out on the best promotions.

Starting to brew beer yourself, you will notice that its taste is significantly different from that brewed in the factory for the better. After all, you will put the best thoughts and feelings into its preparation. And besides, it will be cooked on the best equipment from Beverage Craft.