Grow room vinyl panels are now a necessity for grow room walls and ceilings

Cultivation of indoor cannabis is now a lucrative side hustle in the USA. If you can ensure a favorable indoor environment, then growing cannabis shouldn’t be challenging. The indoor facility needs to have good hygiene with optimal humidity levels. Around 70% humidity with adequate ventilation and proper lighting is ideal for the cannabis crops to thrive. The only challenging part is the growing humidity levels inside the facility, which damages the walls and ceilings and affects the plants adversely. Consider installing grow room wall panels to control dampness and restrict mold and bacterial growth inside the facility. Most people prefer painting the grow room walls or plan to install drywall or FRP – all of which fall flat. Drywall, FRP, plywood, emulsion paints, and tiles are not permanent solutions to stop moisture damage. Grow room vinyl panels are the ultimate problem solver in this situation. Here are a few reasons why PVC panels are necessary and a non-negotiable choice for the grow room facility.

Water-resistant PVC panels score over other alternatives

The high-quality grow room wall panels from Duramax get manufactured using 100% virgin vinyl. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a non-porous material that sheds off water rather than absorbing it. The PVC panels have a smooth surface and get installed directly to studs without any wall-backing board. This ensures the vinyl panels repel moisture and gives them a competitive edge over FRP and drywall. Duramax panels are ideal for high humid environments like grow rooms and are designed to outperform the industry standard, old, and tired FRP material.

PVC panels help to reduce the dependency on LED lights 

The grow room vinyl panels are white and bright in hue. The PVC panels have light-reflective properties that provide the space with a well-lit and spacious ambiance. Cannabis cultivation requires a good amount of lighting for healthy growth. Without sunlight, the use of LED lighting is common, but the high electrical consumption remains a cause of concern. This can be dealt with when vinyl panels are installed over the grow room walls and ceilings. The light-reflective vinyl panels evenly distribute the reflected lights and add luminosity to the indoor space. The dependence on LED lights is significantly reduced with PVC panels, which can lower electricity bills. PVC panels ensure sufficient lighting inside the facility while at the same time reducing utility bills.

Longevity of the PVC material 

High-quality PVC wall material can last for 45 to 50 years post installation. The waterproof vinyl panels are mold-free, antibacterial, and do not rot, rust, peel, or delaminate. The PVC panels can be reused 7x times and have a lifecycle of more than 140 years. The PVC panels do not need replacing, repairing, or repainting. The PVC panels never get discolored or turn yellowish. The stain-free PVC panels can retain the white hue for the longest time with minimal upkeep. Duramax offers industry-leading PVC panels with ½ inch thickness that do not require a backer board for installation and offers exceptional strength and resilience. The inner webbed trusscore design technology makes the panels robust and impact resistant.

The fastest and most affordable installation makes PVC ideal 

The biggest myth of all is the affordability of FRP and drywall materials. Initially, these wall cladding materials are cheap, but the heavy-duty and laborious installation and after-care make them costlier. On the other hand, PVC panels are a great one-time investment. You pay only once to get the DIY PVC wall materials, and the installation hardly requires an extra $5. The PVC panel kits arrive with a user-friendly installation manual. The installation is a single-person job and requires a maximum of 7 to 8 hours. PVC installation kits are all-inclusive, and there is no need to purchase additional materials or hire skilled workers.

Final Thoughts 

The vinyl panels have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are durable sheeting solutions to withstand the rigors of commercial grow room operations. In addition, the antimicrobial PVC panels never swell, fade, stain or attract dirt. By installing PVC panels and not FRP, you save 40% on material costs and 50% on labor charges. Duramax PVC panels arrive in 2 weeks directly in DIY kits from the factory. Request a quote now. Avail of the free sample. Book a no-cost consultation. Call us at 323-991-7507.