5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bother about Green Living

I know you find it quite irritating and a waste of time to try and save water, cut down on your energy consumption, eat wholesome meals, keep your environment clean and breathe clean air because this is the twenty first century and life is not wired for all these stuff. Why bother to reuse or recycle materials yet there are landfills to take all these. Isn’t global warming and depletion of ozone layer a figment of imagination?

You don’t have to adopt a greener lifestyle since you live in a city apartment block 50 floors above ground level. Why worry about cooking at home yet you can get your food right out of your iPhone? Well, these are peculiar examples of what you haven’t realized you are. Since green living ideas make your hairs stand on end, this article is perfect for you for the following reason. Learn more about greener lifestyle on this website: https://www.greenrenters.org/ 

  1. Why worry about drinking tap water which contains all manner of poisonous contaminants, residues and bad odour. Think of what it costs – almost twice what it takes to have filtered water, plus all the plastic bottles that you don’t need to recycle. You can always throw everything in your trash bin and they all end up at the local landfill even if this is choking you to death. You are modern, aren’t you?
  2. You need more heat than light, otherwise why do you keep on burning all that incandescent light bulb which releases almost all the energy they absorb as heat and only a small percentage as light? This helps more in the summer when you need extra energy to cool your home, use more air conditioning. There is no reason why you should install energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs which will last longer anyway and consume less electricity?
  3. You need a bath the size of a swimming pool, and your showers must be extra-long. So even if your typical bath will take a hundred gallons to fill up and this has to be heated, while your showers last for hours, you still need to bath like a king. Saving water and energy is none of your concern. You have a lot of thinking to do and the best place is under a warm shower even if at the end of the day you are wondering why your bank account is ever on the red.
  4. Old is golden, so why should you think about newfangled inventions with things like toilets yet your old one serves you well. The old standard models uses 4-5 gallons more fresh water every time you flush it as compared to new models that use less water. But isn’t it a bother replacing them? The water bill at the end of the month does not look as bad
  5. You need to have a house that sounds and looks lived in 24/7 so it is not necessary to switch off the TV when you are going to sleep. After all, the background noise serves to lull you to sleep, plus you do not need to set up your alarm since the ruckus caused by the early morning shows will wake you up.

These are just a few tips on why you shouldn’t consider adopting a green lifestyle because if things become really bad here, you can always migrate to Mars. Didn’t they say planet Mars is the new destination? Why worry about old planet earth? If you want to learn more about home improvement, kindly visit this dedicated website https://lonestarborger.com/ .