5 Pros of Using Ready Mix Concrete

  • Quality material:

Because of modern technology and heavy machinery, the concrete obtained is of quality material. The concrete before mixing goes through many tests and control is maintained over the material consistency, process capability, and all the processes that make up the manufacturing system. In comparison with on-site mixing, the ready mix concrete is free of batching and mixing errors. Some other controlled variables, in the production of ready-mix, are: 

  • Strength of compression 
  • Ingredients’ quality, consistency, and proportion 
  • The ratio of water and cement etc. 

  • Efficient:

The mixing of concrete before reaching the site is way more efficient than the conventional methods which involved the hard work of a lot of labor. Because of the automation involved, the process does not require strict supervision and there is less room for error. Because the material or input is used efficiently, energy and resources do not go to waste. The construction is sped up because of less time and efforts required for delivery of concrete and maintenance required within. 

  • Eco-friendly and microbe proof:

With the dynamic development in innovations and the seriously posed threats to the environment, every business looks for a way to serve the customers in an eco-friendly way. The weather and climate changes can also cause threats to newly constructed buildings. With the conventional method of preparing concrete mixtures on-site, there are some risks involved, such as contamination of the mixture with microbes from the wind or the harmful UV rays, or moisture that is not suitable for the mixture. Ready mix concrete is free from such pollutions and contamination as it is manufactured in a controlled environment. Also, the use of this is environment friendly and does not cause any harm when exposed to the open environment. 

  • Less space, more quantity

Another benefit of concrete that is ready-mix is that it takes up less space for storage and hence larger quantity batches can be stored in smaller spaces. On-time delivery is the most important factor, regardless of the size of the batch to be delivered, is also something ensured in the case of such concrete. Apart from being space or storage-friendly and being delivered on time, it is very convenient when it comes to handling and transporting. Because the materials such as cement, water, etc. are not being transported separately, there are lesser chances of material to go waste, or a situation where one material is delivered and another is still on the route is avoided. Also, if more than needed is produced it can be easily stored and reused which is not possible in the case of on-site mixing. 

  • Versatile

Because it is mixed according to the need and demand of the construction type, size and the requirement of the constructionists, ready mix concrete is versatile as it can be customized. The production of this concrete can be changed whenever needed and the methods for using this concrete can also have an impact on its manufacturing. Because of the flexible nature of this concrete, it is more useful than traditional concrete.