5 Easy Ways to Speak English Like a Native

Learning English is not an easy task for all. Most learners face common difficulties while learning the language such as – remembering vocabulary, correcting spelling and pronunciation, and improving grammar. 

You may have multiple English learning textbooks. But, most of them are designed for basic learning only. 

They contain some fundamental words and fixed rules that are helpful for beginners. In contrast, they lack daily-life words and phrases that native speakers use. 

So, learning English speaking through textbooks may not be effective in a real situation. You have to put yourself in realistic situations to learn real-life English.

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So, you may wonder why you need to speak English like natives. To be honest, talking like natives will enhance your acceptance in the English speaking community.

 You will be able to communicate with local English speakers comfortably. The practice will make you more confident while doing conversation.

Let’s check out five ways to speak English like a native

1. Learn from Newscasters:

A common suggestion for learning English is to read daily newspapers. But, it will improve your reading and grammar rather than speaking. 

When your focus is to learn English, you should watch the news on TV instead. Newscasters are professionals who speak very straightforwardly with no artificial approach. 

They speak in a standard accent and use common English words used in real-life situations. So, watching the news is a suitable learning resource for most English learners. 

You can also follow their way of talking to improve your accent and pronunciation.

2. Use Slang when you speak English:

Millions of people around the world speak English. But, the language sounds different when native speakers talk to each other. Why does it happen? The actual reason is – native speakers use a lot of slang in their conversation. 

Non-native English speakers, on the other hand, rarely use them while talking. Slangs are particular vocabulary that people from the same social group use during conversation. Though the use of slang sounds very informal, those words beautify your conversation. 

They help keep your talking fluent and bring your conversation to the next level. Slangs also enhance emotion in communication. So, if you want to speak English like natives, you must include some slang in your speech.

3. Record your speaking, check your tones:

Having a conversation partner is essential to improving English speaking faster. They can provide you with actual feedback about how fluent you are. Unfortunately, most English learners struggle to find a conversation partner. 

No worries! You can still check your tone by recording your speech. Along with getting instant feedback, the process will prepare you to improve your speaking and force you to become more fluent. 

After practicing like this for a few days, you will be more confident when talking to other people.

4. Have a conversation with native speakers:

The most natural way of improving English speaking is to converse with native speakers regularly. They will teach you how local English people talk to each other.

 Learning like this is very beneficial to achieving your speaking fluency faster. Thus, you will get to know about the native accent and pronunciation. 

Moreover, you will learn different slang and idioms used in daily life conversation. Conversation with a native speaker will also make you familiar with their culture which will accelerate your learning. 

So, it is not only good for improving your speaking, but also for having in-depth knowledge of English speaking practically.

5. Practice makes perfect

Unlike any shortcut, you have to practice a lot to speak English like natives. The more you speak, the more you can reduce your speaking inertia. 

Practicing English speaking can be done in many ways. For instance, you can converse with friends and family in English. Or, you can memorize your favorite song or poem and recite them for practicing fluency. 

Many learners even join language exchange platforms to practice speaking with foreigners. In a nutshell, you have a variety of opportunities to practice speaking English. But, your attempt needs to be steady.

Final words

There are sufficient free resources around you to improve your English speaking. However, you have to utilize them wisely and timely. You will be able to speak English like a native when your practice and dedication work together. 

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